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It’s important to find the right moving truck size as you pack your car. If you choose the wrong size truck for your move, whether that’s big or small, you may end up losing everything you pack. Trying to rent a bigger truck is more expensive than renting a smaller one, so that part of your budget must be taken into account.

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We all deserve a moving truck that’s exactly right for our needs. Finding the perfect moving truck size means you need to take inventory of everything you want to move, and then figure out how much room it will take. You will need to do some window shopping for a moving truck that can store your belongings securely. Read through this article to find out everything you need to know to find the perfect size moving truck for your move.

What is a 16 Ft Box Truck Used For?

Box trucks are more common than many other types of moving trucks; you’ll see them parked in front of your apartment complex. Box trucks are more expensive than some other types of moving trucks, but they’re still cheaper than using a full-service moving company to move your stuff.

Generally, if you’re moving items that are larger than what you could fit in a studio apartment with a single bedroom, you’ll want to rent a large box truck. We don’t think that a box truck is worth the cost for small loads; it’s more likely that you’ll find a cheaper option in a smaller van.

Mid-size boxes, on the other hand, are ideal for long distance moving needed and when you’ve got a bigger cargo. These trucks are more durable, and they’re better suited to long distance moves. There’s also a lot more space for all your belongings.

Medium box trucks are best suited for larger spaces like two-bedroom apartments and condos, and one- or two-bedroom houses. Most box trucks can accommodate king mattresses; the difference between small and medium trucks is that you can fit big mattresses inside the latter.

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You’ll find that most big-rig rentals that are about 16-foot will usually come with a Mom’s Attic, which is a small space inside the truck that allows you to store small items (like clothes).

How Do You Choose the Right Box Truck Size?

If you want to get the perfect truck, use a moving calculator that tells you how much space you need for each item that you’re planning to move, like how many beds you want to move, or how many boxes you need to pack. If you have several bedrooms, you may not have enough room for the entire truck to fit everything.

It’s not always accurate to compare truck sizes based on your current living space, like the number of bedrooms or the square footage of your room. Some people can fit a lot more stuff into a 1,000-square-foot apartment than others can, right? Sometimes it helps to use a moving calculator to help you determine what size of moving truck you will need. Next, calculate the cubic footage capacity of the truck you’re considering.

This information can be obtained from many moving sites. Some moving sites allow you to select the items that you want to move from a list to help you get a more precise estimate of the size of the truck you need.

If you choose the largest truck in the lot, it still won’t accommodate all of your belongings, even if you plan to load it like you would load a suitcase for a quick weekend trip. If you want to load your truck efficiently, carefully, and safely, it’s important that you plan carefully before you start loading. Use good packing materials like boxes and plastic bags to safely pack your things. Try to get rid of larger items like bed frames and tables as much as you can. If you have a lot of heavy items, make sure that you pack them tightly in order to avoid them shifting.

16 Ft Box Truck

What are the Different Moving Truck Sizes?

There are three types of vehicles that rental companies provide that help people move easily. These include cargo vans, box trucks, and pickup trucks.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans look pretty small on the outside, but you’ll be amazed at how much stuff fits inside them. You may be able to fit all of your belongings in a cargo van, even if you only have a few big furniture pieces.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are the best for moving small objects around your house, like a bed and a small kitchen table. You can also rent a cargo van or box truck to carry large items, like a refrigerator or a mattress. You can load boxes and furniture from the truck and put them into your own car. Pickup trucks are available at most major truck rental companies and are also available at home improvement stores.

Box Trucks

Box trucks are the first thing that people think of when they think about renting a moving truck. Box trucks are the real winners in self-moving. They are great for moving houses that are a long distance from each other.

Every rental company will have small differences in the size of the moving truck that they offer, even if it’s only the measurements of the loading door. There are several different kinds of rental trucks that you can rent, but usually, these are box trucks that are sized at 10-foot in minimum, and on the other end, can go as big as 26-foot.

What are Alternative Options to Renting a Truck?

Renting a truck and moving stuff yourself is a great way to save money, and it gives you complete control over your move. But before you decide to haul everything yourself, it’s worth thinking about other moving options.

Sometimes, it makes sense to combine several different moving solutions to get the best value from your move. If you need to downsize your belongings and declutter your home while you move, you can try loading up a moving container and sending it to storage and then driving all the stuff you have in it to your new place. You can focus more on organizing your stuff and settling into your new home, rather than spending hours searching through boxes of stuff that you can worry about later.

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