Top 2007 Toyota Camry Problems

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Toyota is among the reliable brand of cars and has an excellent reputation in the market. But being a well-known brand does not mean it’s all models are perfect. This statement is valid for the 2007 Toyota Camry problems.That’s why you should avoid buying this model.

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Most Annoying 2007 Toyota Camry Problems

2007 Toyota Camry problems
2007 Toyota Camry XLE | wikimedia

The 2007 Camry model is the worst Toyota model of 2007. It received various complaints from more than 1000 customers. Toyota has had different worst models over the years, but no one is worsening than the 2007 Toyota Camry. Therefore, keep reading the article to determine the reason behind the Toyota Camry’s failure as a vehicle.

2007 Toyota Camry Engine Problems

The owners of the Toyota Camry reported complaints about its engine. They said the engine is losing oil and entirely devoid of any oil halfway through their routine maintenance schedule.

Although Toyota models consume more oil than others, the 2007 Camry requires more oil changes than other Toyota cars. It means a quality engine had not made the car, so its performance is terrible.

Engine consumes oil, and according to Carcompliants, you need to pay $2,420 to repair this problem. This problem is directly linked to the smoke pouring out from the tailpipe, poor vehicle performance, and weak acceleration power.

Interior Accessories Issues

The interior Accessories are also worst than the engine of the 2007 Toyota model. It has issues with the internal dashboard melting. It happens when the car is overheating or parked under the sun in hot weather. Its sun visor breaks off, and the dash cluster malfunctions often.

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Furthermore, the speedometer is not working accurately, the door lock is failing, the audio system is not working well, the car locks its own, and cd player stop working randomly. Anyhow interior Accessories are not vital to the vehicle but having issues creates an annoying situation for drivers.

AC problems

Various owners of Toyota 2007 reported the AC has an incredibly unpleasant odor. Some personify it with animal urine, and others reported it’s like mold.

Perhaps it will not affect your safety but can be a supremely unpleasant experience for the drivers.

Exterior Problems

2007 toyota camry problems
2007 Toyota Camry | wikimedia

The remodeling of the Toyota Camry is not comprehensive. Its front appears blunter, providing the car a sporty appearance. The trails resemble Avalon’s full-sized sedan and have a hump appearance on the trunk lid due to the feeder’s shoulders.

Vibration at Low Speed

The most common problem in Camry 2007 is it starts vibrating at low speed, like 30-45mph. So, drivers experience that they are riding on a bumpy road while the road is free of obstacles.

Delayed Engagement

The gears are extremely slow to engage, so users have to wait to make a car drive from parking. Because the engine will run and the RPM will increase, but the car refuses to respond. Perhaps after few minutes, the gear finally engages, and the car picks speed of moving.

Problems in Shifting Gears

Car owners of the 2007 model reported about the rough and challenging gear shifting process. Attempting to turn the gears results in the lurching and shaking of the car.

2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Issues

2007 Toyota Camry problems
2007 Toyota Camry (XV40) 2.4 | wikimedia

Transmission is the most common problem in every Toyota brand, but the 2007 models drive the owner crazy with its transmission problems. While changing gears, the engine tends to rev up and jerk. It makes lots of noise and has various downshift hesitations.

Moreover, the transmission slips and makes the drive shaky. If the above issue does not resolve, then an extreme case happens. The transmission will seize, and the car will stop abruptly. That’s why the owner complaint a lot about transmission failure.

Most of the car owners reported average failure rate is below 45,000 miles. Although replacing the transmission can cost more than $4500.

Stiff Brake Pedals

Many Camry owners have reported that they must have applied the brakes before the car got off. When the brakes harden and tighten the pressure, leading to loss of control.

Sometimes the car starts to shake, and the user finds it difficult to move the car forward.

ABS Lights Issues

ABS also has an Anti-Lock Braking system that prevents the wheels from locking while pressing the brakes. If these lights come on, that means the system will not automatically interact when you are using the brakes.

Maybe you can still drive when the ABS is light, but it is dangerous. Often, ABS headlights come as a result of improper AB computer or damaged tire sensors.

Pedal Brakes

In 2007 models, the owners complained that the brake pedals felt quiet and comfortable. They have to pump it several times before they respond.

Another complaint is that the brake pedals sink to the ground while pressing, thus losing control.

Brake Failure

Some owners reported complaints about the brake failure. They said the brakes stopped working when they pressed. This problem led to a major blow.

It is a potentially dangerous problem as the failure of the brakes to lose control of the driver. Unable to control their vehicle, they collided with other vehicles.

Brake is not Good

The brakes are the third major problem in Toyota Camry 2007. Its brake booster is not performing well, and rotors are also warped. All these problems can cause a severe accident.

NHTSA report 16 crashes and 12 injuries as a result of brake issues. When the brake actuator and brake booster fail, a serious hazard on the road happen. While fixing this problem costs $2000 to $3000, that’s a considerable amount to pay for repairs.

Should I Buy a 2007 Toyota Camry?

The 2007 Toyota Camry problems make it worst to consider and not wrong to call it the worst models. You can also determine its problems as the bad brakes and flawed transmission system is the most devastating combination.

This model is not safe either; without stopping the car, you cannot shift gears. Its faulty engine that consumes lots of oil and poor inside accessories will make your driving experience incredibly bad.

After buying, to have to spend lots of pennies on repairing. Various accidents reported by this model that’s why you should avoid buying Camry 2007.

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