2016 Honda civic Problems (2020 update )

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2016 Honda civic was released with remarkable attributes in the year 2015. It has an extremely powerful engine that provides you with a smooth drive. And Honda sensing that is available on almost all trims. Honda sensing involves astonishing cruise control, efficient lane departure and lane centering system, automatic braking system to avoid collision and much more.

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Apart from these stunning characteristics, the car lacks some qualities. Its infotainment system was quite difficult to operate. And its engine had a few issues due to its turbocharging. However, this 2016 Honda civic problems unfortunately lower down its sales . Plummeting sales affected the market of this model seriously.

Most Reported 2016 Honda Civic Problems

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There is more than one problem due to which it had low sales. Leaking evaporator of air conditioner, power window button malfunctioning, breakdown of ODS system leading to airbag light, gurgling sound when the car moved in reverse direction and shift control issues that delayed the gear shifting. Let us consider these problems one by one.

Leaking Evaporator Of Air Conditioner

The AC system lowers the temperature of your car to such a level that makes your car ice cold. This will take almost two minutes if you have your AC system working appropriately. In the 2016 Honda Civic the issue of the leaking evaporator of AC is common. It can be detected if you feel that the vents are giving out the warm air. Frequent starting and stopping of the air conditioner because of which it cannot properly cool the car is also the indication that your evaporator is not working properly.

Moreover, if the air conditioner does not start or you witness some unusual noises from the system, your evaporator might be leaking. You can pinpoint the problem if you see any yellowish-green liquid leaking from the car. This liquid comes from the evaporator of your car and is affecting the performance of your AC. Luckily, this problem is easy to fix and quite affordable. Also, this doesn’t take you so long to get the issue fixed.

Issues Regarding Interior Accessories

This is a highlighted issue about which almost 30% of the complaints are registered. Passengers face the trouble in connecting their devices with the Bluetooth of the car. Bluetooth initially connects with the devices normally but gradually loses connection and ends up with disconnection. Problems regarding audio systems, speakers and radios are also observed in some units of 2016 Honda civic. Some of its owners said that the USB port of the car is working in an improper manner and the display screen stops operating.

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Breakdown Of ODS System Leading To Airbag Light

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Among 2016 Honda civic problems is the breakdown of the occupant detection sensor system is reported in highest numbers. Around 570 people complain about the occupant detection system. According to them the ODS system of their 2016 Honda
Civic stopped working. Due to ODS failing, airbag lights start troubling them. If the car detects any person on passengers’ seat, it indicates that there is someone sitting on the front seat. And in the event of an accident an airbag opens.

On the other hand, if your occupant detection system is not working properly, the airbag of your car might not open. You can fix the problem by yourself. Put the key into the ignition and notice that the airbag light will turn on for about seven seconds and then turn off. Turn the car off when the light shuts off for almost three seconds. Repeat these steps again and again and this process
might fix the issue. You can also approach automotive mechanics to fix the issue. It costs $372-$388 to fix the issue, labor cost inclusive.

2016 Honda civic Problems
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Malfunctioning Of Power Window Button

In 2016 Honda civic keyless ignition was given. For starting the car there is a power button. Also, to open and close the side windows there are the power buttons to operate them. This is one of the 2016 Honda civic problems that needs consideration. Some owners reported this problem with their car.

They complain that the power button stops working and doesn’t operate for the respective operation. Their malfunctioning was very uncertain and they broke down with no known reason. To fix the window power button, doors are taken out of the car and fixed. This issue might take a long time to repair. The cost to repair these power buttons is almost around $227- $257, labor cost exclusive.

Electrical Problems

Quite a lot of electrical problems in the 2016 Honda Civic on different forums. According to consumer reports, their vehicle’s electric systems have malfunctioned several times. All of a sudden, the front dash shows that most of the vehicle’s electrical systems, such as power steering, brake system, emissions, vehicle stability assist and more, have failed rendering them useless while driving.

Another customer has reported that their rear defrost has failed whereas the front dash is showing it at optimum condition.
There are also complaints of stationary car’s power completely shutting down. The battery of the car turns out to be all good, but I still have to jump start the car every time.

Rear Screen Sudden Cracking and Shattering

There have been multiple issues reported with the rear screen of 2016 Honda Civic. There have been complaints about their rear windshield cracking or shattering suddenly. As exaggerating as it sounds, the same complaint has been reported by almost four users. This issue was reported by the users only a few days after buying their new car. On top of this, the authorities at Honda rejected the claim as they will not entertain any complaint without evidence.

Despite all 2016 Honda civic problems , it is rated among the best used cars to buy. The 2016 Honda Civic has many outstanding features that attracts the buyers towards it. One must consider all the above mentioned problems while making a selection between cars to go for.

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