24 FT Box Truck For Rental – Dimensions, Width and Length

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24 FT Box Truck For Rental

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Getting an estimate for the size of a good moving van is very easy; just ask around to see what a good company is like and whether their trucks are good or not.

They will tell you how many boxes you will have to rent depending on the size of the house or apartment and how many rooms you have in it.

Box truck lengths usually vary between 10 and 26 feet, and they may be classified as anything between Class 3 and Class 7.

Dimensions, Width and Length of 24 FT Box Truck For Rental

A 24-foot box truck’s basic dimensions are 13 feet 6 inches for the clearance height, 8 feet 1 inches for the inside height, and 7 feet and 7 inches for the inside width.

The required dimensions for a 24-foot box truck are 1224 cu. ft. in volume, 6,205 lbs for the maximum load, 17.500 lbs for the gross vehicle weight (GVW), 10,895 pounds for the GVW when empty, and 7,500 pounds of maximum capacity of towing.

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

Why Is It Important to Get the Right Size Moving Truck?

Let’s say you are traveling a great distance while just moving in one direction. In those situations, you will need a large truck that is equipped with power steering, a transmission that can be used with an electronic shift lever, and the ability to extend the bed to accommodate all of your belongings.

This way you will have the right amount of room when you move. When it is discovered at a very late date that you don’t have a big truck to carry all of your belongings, you can get very stressed out. You have to determine what needs to be put in the truck and what needs to be tossed.

If it doesn’t have room to carry all the things that you have stored away, you must verify what gets put in the truck and what gets discarded. You will be able to determine which of your products can fit into a box since you will be aware of the actual cubic feet of each one of them. Additionally, you should consider how big a moving box all of them will fit into and the number of boxes you’ll need to fit all of your packable belongings.

24 FT Box Truck For Rental

Choose the Right Size Truck for Your Relocation

You can find out how many items need transport to get from the previous location to where you are today and compare that figure with the payload capacities of different types of trucks. From there, you can determine which type of truck is best able to carry the most of those items.

24 Box Trucks are around 24-foot long and have a carrying capacity of 1,500 cubic feet. If trucks with the necessary equipment are few, you might need to upgrade to a bigger car.

In such a scenario, make sure you have access to moving blankets to keep the contents from shifting about within the car. By doing this, the goods will be secure from harm. Although it is entirely optional, you might want to consider hiring a cargo to go along with your smaller vehicle.

Per Truck Cubic Feet

Every vehicle has a certain capacity, often specified in cubic feet. It measures all the space inside the truck that can be used to store large items, usually measured in cubic feet.

Most people will find that their truck space is immediately reduced by half, unless they become proficient packers. If you rent a larger vehicle that you thought would be suitable, do it!

When figuring out the size of movers that can hold your possessions, it is always a nice idea to allocate three square feet of space for each room you are going to pack. A container with 24 cubic feet of room in it can hold all the belongings in one room, assuming the room size is correct.

What is the Maximum Load a 24-Foot Box Truck Can Carry?

The GVW of a 24-foot box truck is 10,895 pounds. The maximum load that it can carry is 17,500 pounds. You will have to factor in the weight of the driver, as well as any cargo that is being hauled.

When you are renting a truck, it is important to be aware of the weight limit and to make sure you are not exceeding it. If you are carrying more than the truck’s capacity, you will be subject to a surcharge. It can be a costly mistake to exceed the weight limit, so be sure to ask about this when you are making your rental decision.

What are the Types of Towing Capacity Available on 24-Foot Box Trucks?

There are a few towing capacities that are available on 24-foot box trucks. The most common is 10,000 pounds. If you are towing something that is heavier than this, you will need to upgrade to a bigger truck. If you are looking for a truck that can tow more than 10,000 pounds, you will need to look for a truck with a GVW of 12,000 pounds or more. If you are only looking to transport a few items, a truck with a GVW of 8,000 pounds will be just fine.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a 24-Foot Box Truck?

The main advantage of hiring a 24-foot box truck is that it has a lot of room. The disadvantage is that it is not always the most practical choice for moving large items. If you are only transporting a few boxes, it may be better to opt for something smaller.

Additionally, if you are moving in multiple directions, you will need to factor in the weight and size of the truck when deciding which one to rent. If you have any questions about what size truck is best for your needs, be sure to ask your movers.

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