26 Foot Penske Truck – Capabilities, Dimensions and Cost

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Penske Corporation specializes in providing transportation to customers across the United States. Its subsidiaries are involved in a number of different industries, including retail auto, truck rental, transportation logistics and pro-motorsports.

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What is Penske Truck Rental?

Penske Truck Rental offers moving trucks to people who need to move across the country. The rental is available in 49 states and also Washington D.C. Customers are allowed to drive on their own, but if they need someone to help load and unload the truck, they can hire someone from a local moving company for that.

Penske is geared up for two different kinds of moves:

Those who are moving within a city normally have to collect and return their truck at the exact location. Penske also charges a per-mile fee when you rent a pickup truck from them.

These sorts of moves are known as one-way moves. Customers typically pick their truck up in one city and then drop it off at their destination once they finish unloading.

Penske offers five different sizes of trucks to fit moves of every size: high-roof cargo van, 12-foot, 16-foot, 22-foot, 26-foot trucks. But in this article, we are going to talk about the biggest one they have, the 26-foot truck.

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26-Foot Penske Truck

A Penske 26-foot truck is the biggest truck the company offers to their customers. It can move up to seven bedrooms and is the right size for a three- or five-bedroom house.

Penske’s newest trucks are serviced regularly and are sanitized and stocked clean for the next rental period. The truck is also complete with roadside assistance that makes you stay safe and sound 24/7.

26 Foot Penske Truck

What Are the Capabilities?

Penske 26-foot truck has a variety of capabilities that make it an excellent choice for a big move.

First and foremost, the truck has a large cargo area. This means that you can load a lot of furniture, dishes, clothes, and other belongings into it and still have room to spare. So, it’s perfect for families who are moving and want to load as much as possible belongings in one space.

This truck is also equipped with a variety of features that will make your move as smooth as possible. That includes:

So with those capabilities and the large cargo area, you can be sure that your move will go as planned.

How Big Is Penske 26-Foot Truck?

A 26-foot Penske truck is the biggest truck that the company offers. Here are the details:

By using this big-size truck, everyone’s belongings can be put in one place. Even putting together all the things that you want to keep are not big problems, because you have a big space, so it will be possible to put everything that you need inside the truck.

How Much Does It Cost?

Typically, when renting the 26-foot truck to move within 50 miles, you will be paying $330 plus $1.29 per mile. If you plan to move 500 miles, you will need to pay approximately $1000.

The cost depends on the location where it is picked up and dropped off, what kind of Penske rental truck you want to rent, the day of your pickup and if you plan to tow a car.

If you need an immediate quote, please go to Penske’s website and provide the details of your needs. They have personal discounts for college students, AAA members, and military personnel with certain restrictions.

How to Rent A Penske 26-Foot Truck

To rent a 26-foot Penske truck, you will need to go to the company’s website and fill out a rental form. Once you have submitted the form, you will be contacted by a representative from Penske who will ask some questions about your move and confirm the details.

Once everything is confirmed, the representative will send you a payment link that you need to input into your bank account. After that, you are ready to go.


Penske Truck Rental is the perfect choice for families who are moving. With its large cargo area and variety of amenities, this truck will make your move as smooth as possible.

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