8 Best Cars for Long-Distance Driving

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 11/21/22 •  4 min read

8 Best Cars for Long-Distance Driving!

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We all want convenience, whether in our homes or on a journey to another location. It makes us pick a comfortable car while having the capability to go on a long drive without issues. You can choose several options when looking to rent a car for a long trip. Let us check out some of the best car options that you can consider for long-distance driving.

Best Cars for Long Distance Drive

1. Volvo S60 (Model 18/19)


The Volvo S60 is one car common among people looking for comfort and long-distance capabilities from cars. Its comfortability is the major reason everyone guns for this vehicle, asides from its ability to go long distances. It has cushioned seats for passenger and driver comfort without strain on the body during the trip. You can enjoy a comfortable trip lasting up to 10 hours while in your Volvo S60 18/19 model.

2. Ford Mustang (Model 22)

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.


If you prefer taking a ride in mustangs and going on long trips, then the Ford Mustang 22 is the best option. It gives you a travel distance of 21 miles in the city and up to 32 miles while driving on the highway. It’s pretty surprising as a sports car, but its long-distance capabilities don’t lie below many others. The comfort of the seats also gives you an excellent run for your money, and Carngo rental offers it among many other car options.

3. Citroen C3


The Citroen C3 takes things further from being a comfortable car while counting as an affordable one to purchase. It offers soft suspensions and comfortable seats for a better road experience during the trip at an affordable cost. The fuel consumption is pretty friendly despite not running on diesel, and it serves long-distance driving purposes. It’s a great option if you plan to rent a car from a budget without overspending for a trip.

4. Toyota Camry (Model 11)


Here is another long-distance-friendly car you should consider when purchasing or renting. It prioritizes comfort while matching it well with long-distance journeys and has a great design style for drivers and passengers. The seats are comfortable, and the fuel consumption is also pretty low, giving you more distance on the same budget. It also works as a daily driving car regardless of your long-distance needs but ensures you don’t overwork it.

5. Hyundai Iconiq (model 22)


If you are searching for a high-tech car for your road trip, a good option is the Hyundai Iconiq. The year 2022 model boasts a 10 rating from USN for passing most of the tests. It’s a pretty new model, which puts it on the pricey side, but it serves the purpose of an excellent long-distance car. It’s better to rent a car for a long-distance trip if you are planning to select this car as your preferred choice.

6. Lexus RC 350


Another car that gives off the same energy as the Toyota Camry is the Lexus RC350 offering similar benefits. It’s a car that gives off a luxury feel despite being affordable, making it the choice of many long-distance drivers. It minimizes your costs on fuel with its low consumption, and its mechanics are made to let you enjoy the trip. The suspension is designed to handle different terrains so you don’t have to worry about potholes while driving.

7. Subaru Forester (Model 22)


The Subaru Forester is a great vehicle, and the 2022 model improves as a long-distance car. USN ranks it below the Hyundai Iconiq, leaving it at 9.5/10, but it is not bad compared to other options. It gives you 33 miles on the highway and goes down to 26 miles if you drive in the city. The car gets better if you pay extra charges, as you will get more perks and features added to increase your convenience.

8. Toyota Supra MKV


The last option on this list is the Toyota Supra MKV, with its perks as a collaboration between BMW and Toyota. It’s a sports car you can rent for a long-distance trip and gives you a good experience with its interiors and exteriors. Toyota Supra takes the comfortability of seats and other interior sections from BMW and the low fuel consumption from Toyota. It’s a great collaboration project to give long-distance drivers a good run for their money.


Your long-distance trips lead you to prepare, so you need a car that stands the distance while providing comfort. You need to consider the comfort of the interiors and match it to your taste to get the best driving experience. The list above gives you different options for long-distance cars that you should consider for your trips. You can always get your car choices from Carngo rental at affordable prices attached to every option.

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