These Are The 4 Best Ford RS Models

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 07/26/21 •  4 min read

Many popular automakers have a special symbol and name given to the best-performing cars in their series. For example, there are special symbols of many different brands such as Chevrolet’s SS badge, BMW’s M badge, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG badge. In addition, Ford’s RS symbol is one of them. 

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The “RS” symbol is another symbol by which Ford and Audi, the biggest manufacturers of all time, can be recognized from all over the world. Ford was the first automaker to use the RS symbol in the late 1960s. The American automaker has now retired the RS symbol. However, the RS symbol remains popular. We’ve compiled a list of the 4 best Ford RS models.Keep reading down bellow!

These Are The 4 Best Ford RS Models

Ford Escort RS1600 

First of all, the Escort RS1600 is not the first Ford RS produced. Before the Escort RS1600, three different models were offered for sale. But Ford Escort RS1600 is the first vehicle to truly deserve the RS symbol. In addition, the RS1600 model is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine developed by Cosworth. 

This car is far ahead of its time rivals. In particular, the 115-horsepower American car has a dynamic drive. The Ford RS1600 also dominated rally racing in the 1970s. This model managed to attract the attention of thousands of fans during his race. It was also one of the key cars that determined the fate of the race. American automaker Ford produced just 1,000 RS1600s in four years. That’s why the Escort RS1600 is one of the rarest Ford models ever produced. 

best Ford RS models
Ford Escort RS1600 © hiconsumption

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