Best Portable Toilets For Truck Drivers

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Best Portable Toilets For Truck Drivers

What are the Best Portable Toilets For Truck Drivers?

Truck drivers spend most of their days on the road and can work from portable toilets when nature calls.

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This sleeper cab accessory easily attaches to your trailer. These items also provide drivers with the opportunity to be out and about whenever they need them.

Many modern ones hold a fair amount of waste and don’t stink in your truck’s bunk compartment. Let’s take a look at some of the best portable toilets for truck drivers!

Thetford Porta Potti 365

This is the premier portable toilet for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, healthcare, camping and even off-grid lifestyles. This compact, ergonomic portable toilet features an easy-to-operate handle and an easy-to-use plunger flush option.

The piston rinsing system offers the possibility of filling the water tank with freshwater, rinsing after work and sending the waste to the waste water tank. The Thetford Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet has a sealed valve that prevents odors from escaping from the holding tank.

The removable seat and removable seat and cover make the cleaning process easier and faster. Emptying the toilet is child’s play with the help of the rotating spout.

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The VivoHome portable toilet base is made of PE material with a strong structure. This structure is anti-rust, odorless, non-toxic, cold-resistant, etc. The dimensions are 16.14 inches (length) x 13.78 inches (width) x 16.14 inches (height). This is enough to reach adult seat size.

This VivoHome design with two water outlets makes cleaning easier. Avoid the annoying problem of leaving dirt in dead corners. Large toilet storage capacity with 5.3 gallons of waste water storage capacity and 2.5 gallons of fresh water capacity allows approximately 40 flushes.

This portable toilet is easy to use and install. Before use, be sure to pull the open handle, close the toilet lid, and press the air pump several times to wash away dirt. The top and bottom of the toilet fit tightly and there are no additional gaps around the sealing slide.

Best Portable Toilets For Truck Drivers


Rocklin Industry

The Rocklin Industry Portable Toilet also comes with a 2 oz of removing spray to eliminate odors. This item features a double-walled seal that prevents unwanted leaks and spills.

A portable toilet that is easy to use. Then simply press the flash plunger to open the slider and you’re done.

The cleaning process is easy. When the 5.3 gallon waste tank is full, remove the bottom of the unit and use the dump tube to dispose of the waste. This product is sturdy. It feels like sitting on a porcelain throne at home.


How Often Do You Need to Empty a Portable Toilet?

Unfortunately, mobile toilets cannot be installed and left unattended at construction sites or outdoor events. Maintenance is necessary to keep the septic tank clean so that it does not overflow.

This is important because human waste can be dangerous. In fact, fecal-borne diseases like E. coli kill 100 people and cause 265,000 illnesses in the United States each year. Therefore, the porta pot should be emptied regularly.

One of the best ways to rent a portable toilet to keep it clean and prevent it from overflowing is to empty it at least once a week when no more than 10 people use it. This is the maximum amount of time you should wait before emptying as there is a danger of waste accumulating beyond this.

If the portable toilet is used by more than 10 people, it will need to be emptied more frequently as more waste will flow into the toilet. If there are 20 people using the toilet, at least you should empty the toilet every three and a half days.

There is no minimum amount of time you have to wait to empty your portable toilet. That said, emptying a portable toilet is a daunting task and can be dangerous as there is always the possibility of accidentally soiling it.

The ratio of people to individual toilets should always be considered to determine the optimal flushing rate, but a good rule of thumb is to flush daily.

By wiping down major contact areas, using deodorant, and regularly emptying the waste, you’ll have a long-lasting and well-maintained portable toilet. This is important if you want to keep your portable toilet rental costs down as you don’t have to replace it.

How to Empty a Portable Toilet?

After you know how often to empty your portable toilet, you need to figure out how. This is probably the part that puts people off using portable toilets more than anything else, but it doesn’t have to be that much of a hassle. Here is how you can empty a portable toilet.

The main method is to use a toilet vacuum that attaches to the dispense hole and sucks up all the waste. You can do this yourself or have a plumbing company manage this rather nasty process for you.

Once the waste is removed, it must be disposed of at a licensed facility. Plumbing contractors know where to go, which helps eliminate another potential problem.

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