What Are The Best Scenic Drives In Ohio

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 08/30/22 •  5 min read

Six United States presidents were born in Ohio, earning it the moniker “the mother of presidents.” Ohio is home to several modern metropolises on the one hand and significant rivers and lakes on the other.

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Because of this harmony between nature and infrastructure, Ohio can give its residents and visitors some of the best scenic drives.

Here are five of the best scenic drives in Ohio.

Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

Ohio may place a wager on the “best scenic roads” competition and can chill until the results are announced. The Hocking Mountains America’s Byway winds across the historic hills of southeast Ohio. The byway comprises waterfalls, lush gorges, natural bridges, rock formation arches, cliffs, and wildflowers.

The Rockbridge State Nature Preserve is where you may see Ohio’s largest natural bridge. Butterfly Ridge Butterfly Conservation Center, located on the Hocking Hills Bypass, is home to more than 20 butterfly species. The Spirit of the Hills Gallery features art by several Ohio artists.

The final stretch of the byway passes Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave. The former is known for its waterfalls, Cedar Falls, and later for its secluded cave location.

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The 26.7-mile Hocking Hills Byway offers the ideal amount of exhilarating experience. When living in Ohio, there is no better option than taking the byway if you are chasing a tranquil belonging after the hustle and bustle of the week.

Ohio River Scenic Byway

Ohio River Scenic Byway is a soignee linkage from the countryside to the Ohio river.

The bypass showcases monumental history, natural and scenic grandeur, an unparalleled rural environment, one-of-a-kind antique and artisan stores, regional food and wines, and, of course, the Ohio River.

Indiana’s Ohio River Scenic Byway also gives you a gratifying and reposeful ambiance by connecting you to the village’s life untouched by metropolis hassle. The route’s historical highlights include relics and tales from Native American settlement to industrialization. Archaeologists designated these individuals as Mississippians. The Ohio River Scenic Byway is your calling if you want to see things from a new angle.

Wally Road Scenic Byway (from Greer to Loudonville)

Do you like going to off-beat places? If yes, then Wally Road Scenic Byway is a place for you.

Wally Road has campgrounds, canoe liveries, Big Lyons Falls, the Black Fork Cafe, and the village of Loudonville and Mohican State Park that will take care of your enjoyment.

The Mohican Indian Pow Wow takes place every year at the campground on the Mohican Reservation. The Pow Wow is a great place to learn about Native American life and culture.

The byway is especially beautiful in October when the leaves change color with a sprinkling of white snowfalls. The bypass allows you to take a leisurely drive through busy campgrounds and calm farmlands, especially if it’s early morning or late evening twilight, as you will spot several animals along the way.

Wally Road puts you close to nature, making it a fantastic area to clear your head of all negative thoughts. The only thing you need to do is drive and observe.

The Covered Bridges Byway (Ashtabula County)

The Covered Bridges Byway offers you a lovely trip to take in some picturesque sights and find attractive covered bridges in the Ohio state. On this byway, you need to begin your drive at the Windsor Mills Covered Bridge near Orwell and end your journey at Creek Road Covered Bridge near Kingsville to cover a total of 18 covered bridges.

If you ever decide to drive on this road, you will pass by several bridges with distinctive construction that speak to their own personalities.  The Covered Bridges Byway also covers America’s shortest and longest covered bridge alongside.

The Covered Bridges depicts an age-old story with an embellished infrastructure.

The Ohio Amish Country Byway (Holmes County)

The Ohio Amish Country Byway is home to the best scenic views. In addition to offering you stunning vistas, a trip down the byway will reward your palate with some delectable home food.

There is an Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center on the byway, where you will get plenty of information on Amish culture. Guggisberg Cheese Factory is another serene destination. Not only is it wonderfully designed with a lovely environment, but the staff also provides insights into the cheese-producing process.

Millar’s Bakery will also be a great addition to your trip as who doesn’t love a feast?

A long trip throughout any season is ideal for the Ohio Amish Country Byway. And while the road offers you a perennial advantage, do not let this factor take an unsafe toll on your car. So if you want to make most of your experience without being let down by the bumps that come on your way, the rule of thumb is to have the cushion of a reliable, specialized Ohio auto insurance policy—so that your mind is entirely at the enjoyable drives the state has to offer, not the problems that would make the journey difficult.

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