What Is The Best Year to Buy a Honda Odyssey

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The Honda Odyssey is one of the biggest kingpins in the world of minivans. It has been so for many years now. The Odyssey is a favorite amongst people carrier buyers because of its size, tech, price, and fuel economy. Not all of its models are good so here is the Best Year to Buy a Honda Odyssey.

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Avoid These Honda Odyssey Year Models

Second Generation

Best Year to Buy a Honda Odyssey
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First of all, let’s look at the apples that fall far from the tree. Not all Odyssey models share Honda’s sense of reliability and build quality. The second-gen Odyssey models are plagued with transmission problems.

The 1999 Odyssey is supposed to last hundreds of thousands of miles before a major overhaul. Yet, users report that they had to replace their transmissions right before the 100k mark. 

The transmissions fail and do so without a warning. Other owners have had problems with the torque converter. This is a feature of an automatic gearbox. You can also encounter transmission slippage on these models.


There are other transmission problems like an incorrect gear ratio. Moreover, there are issues with components like the ignition. The culprits are from 99, and 01-3.

Third Generation

The 2005 model didn’t leave any stones unturned as well. The car has had hundreds of angry owners ranting about its problems. Its paint and bodywork issues are well known as frowned upon.

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The paint chips off and rust shows up. Other issues are related to the air conditioning and heating. The engine has its share of troubles and the transmission also makes some appearances here. 

According to Cash Cars Buyer and numerous reliability complaints, the 2008-09 models are no good either. There are engine problems as some of these cars consume too much oil, or burn it all.


Others have their engines fail and need replacement. There are problems with the brakes, the air conditioning, and weird noises. There are pestering engine error codes and lights as well. 

All of the aforementioned models are troublemakers. But none of them come close to the 2002 Odyssey’s problems. Regardless, you should avoid these models and look for the best year to buy a Honda Odyssey. 

Which is the Best Year to Buy a Honda Odyssey? 

There are many good years of the Odyssey but there are a few great ones as well. Car From Japan says that the 2006-08 models are excellent. This is because of their technological advances.

They also cost very little, and if you can get one in good condition, it will be a bargain. Next up is the 2017 Odyssey. This is from the generation prior and it is famous for its tech, build quality, and ride.

Then there is the 2019 Odyssey, which received critical acclaim. It was roomy, had a user-friendly infotainment system, brilliant cornering, and comfort.

It also went easy on the fuel budget and had a great six-cylinder engine. This is arguably the best year to buy a Honda Odyssey. Another great one is the 2020 Odyssey. 

This car received praise for its comfiness, its roominess, and integrated infotainment technologies. The vehicle also fared well in the build quality department.

But just as importantly, it looked apart. As expected, it won’t let you down in power because it has a great engine. 

Tips for Buying a Used Honda Odyssey 

If you’re looking to purchase a used car, always make sure to check for several things. Ensure that the car isn’t falling apart due to rust or corrosion. Observe the oil and the service history.


Take a good look at the suspension and chassis. Drive around as much as you can before getting the car. Just looking for the Best Year to Buy a Honda Odyssey is not enough due to user habits. 

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