Chevy Malibu Dashboard Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 06/14/23 •  3 min read

Chevy Malibu Dashboard Not Working

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Chevrolet is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. With so many different models, Chevy cars are perfect for families, friends and anyone else who needs a vehicle.

Chevy cars are also very safe and reliable to drive. One of the models that Chevy offers is the Chevy Malibu. The Malibu has been on the market for quite a while now, and it is one of the most popular cars in the US.

The Chevy Malibu is also very reliable, and it is a very safe vehicle to drive. The car comes in many different colors, and it is very popular because of the roomy interior. Many people have had problems with the Chevy Malibu dashboard.

In fact, there are many different problems that people have had with their Chevy Malibu dashboards. You might want to read this Chevy Malibu dashboard repair guide, so that you can learn how to fix your Chevy Malibu dashboard.

Check the Lights

If some of the gauge lights on the dash of a Chevy are dim, you could try to repair it. If the dashboard light suddenly goes out, make sure that the headlights are off. Some headlights actually dim your car’s dash lights before they’ve even started to dim.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

If that happens, you’ll have to find the dimmer switch. If you accidentally bump the switch, you’ll get more light.

If that doesn’t fix it, try the dimmer switch on the dash. It allows you to dim the dashboard lights manually, but if you accidentally bump it, you will still be able to see the lights. This toggle switch controls the brightness of the dash lights.

Sometimes when you bump this switch you may not realize that you have changed the light levels in your car. Just make the adjustments that you need to make and you’ll be ready to go!

Remove the Old Fuse

If your dashboard doesn’t light up at all, you may have a blown fuse in your car. Remove and replace the old fuse and the lights should work again. A new fuse may do the trick, but it could also indicate a deeper electrical problem.

If the new fuse does not last long, you may have a more serious electrical problem and have it checked by an Authorized Chevrolet Service Center.

Replace the Bulbs

If your vehicle has a dash that has a row of lights that are connected to a central control panel, this shouldn’t be a problem. But vehicles that were only a few years old were often backlit with incandescent lights.

When one or more of those bulbs burn out, a large part of your instrument panel can be left in darkness. Most of the time, these bulbs are simply replaced with new ones that match your vehicle’s style.

It can take some time to replace these headlight bulbs, so make sure you hire a factory-approved expert.

Replace the Failing Part

If your dashboard is flickering, it may not be the dashboard. Your car’s battery may be dead, or the alternator (which charges the battery and powers the electrical system while the car is running) may be failing.

You can diagnose this problem and replace the defective part.

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