Chevy Malibu Touch Screen Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 05/30/23 •  3 min read

Chevy Malibu Touch Screen Not Working

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Chevy has had some very high end models over the years. One of them is the Chevy Malibu. It is an all new model that has gone through a number of changes since its introduction.

It’s famous for being a midsize car that can handle well in the snow. There is a lot to like about this car and its high value.

Most people don’t realize that you can do some amazing things with touch screens in a vehicle today. It’s easy to get lost in the multitude of options out there today, but there are certain things that you should keep in mind when choosing one.

You can easily find touchscreen controls on many other cars today, including on your Chevrolet Malibu.

However, sometimes the touch screen is malfunctioning or won’t respond. If you are experiencing a problem like this, you might want to try some tips below.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
Chat With A Mechanic Online

Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

Check Your Touch Screen

Touch screen issues can be caused by many reasons. For example, it doesn’t turn on at all. If so, it could be the touch screen power source is a faulty fuse, so you need to replace it.

Meanwhile, if the touch screen is frozen, that’s probably the bug you’re suffering from. The fuse must be removed and reinserted to restart the screen.

If this doesn’t work, the issue may be with the display’s operating system version. Please consult your dealer. If GPS is the only thing that bothers you, you can update your GPS on your Chevrolet Malibu.

And if your touch screen on and off for no reason, you are very unlikely to be the victim of a circuit breaker. Check the condition of the fuses and connections. If you can’t find anything, take the car to an auto electrician who can fix the problem.

Try to Reboot The Stereo

Before doing anything, try restarting your infotainment system. Reboots are very powerful and often cause computers to work again. You may be lucky and fix your touch screen!

Just hold down the power button while turning off the device (like on a laptop) for 10 seconds.

Clean the Touch Screen

Try cleaning your touchscreen with a good old-school brush and cleaning it gently. If it looks great, it is actually very durable. Carefully take your time cleaning the touchscreen if you don’t want to harm the display.

After you finish cleaning your hands, take a good wipe and gently wipe the entire screen. You will need to first clean your hands before you start doing any cleaning. After that, take off the old screen protector.

When you’re finished with that, dunk a cloth in a good cleaner and dab it on the screen. When you’ve finished cleaning the screen, use a new screen protector. Just by saying this, it may really work!

Clean Factory Reset

If you want to restore everything on the phone as it should, you can also force a clean boot to fix the problem. It’ll be even quicker if you have an Android head unit.

Even a car stereo screen that won’t let you open it isn’t working. You can still open the device with a USB keyboard.

If you perform a factory restore, any problems you have with the software or the calibration settings of your car stereo should be resolved.

So, if you do a factory reset, all the software errors will be fixed, and the touch screen will work again. Some stereos have manuals in which you can learn how to do a hard reset.

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