Chevy S10 Speedometer Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 03/28/23 •  3 min read

Chevy S10 Speedometer Not Working

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When your S10’s speedometer malfunctions, it is one of the most annoying things that may happen. When the car is moving down the road at a constant 0 MPH, you suddenly notice how much you are staring at the item.

If the speedometer on your Chevy S10 isn’t working, the problem is likely to be with the VSS or vehicle speed sensor) or the ECU. The VSS is often not very costly, and replacing them is not that difficult.

In the past, cars used a wire that typically went from the transmission’s tail shaft to the speedometer. The speedometer and the drivetrain were mechanically and physically connected.

Modern vehicles utilize the speed control sensor to transmit data to the speedometer in place of this direct link. One sensor system that helps keep you safe includes the VSS.

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The VSS input is sent to the ECU by the speedometer of a contemporary automobile. The stock gear ratios and tire height for your S10 are set into the ECU. This information is combined and used to provide the speed measurement to the instrument cluster. The following four reasons are often to blame for a malfunctioning speedometer:

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

VSS: The P0500 error code is frequently present in conjunction with a defective speed sensor. The speed sensor is responsible for more than simply regulating the speedometer. If the repair engine light is illuminated, use an OBDII scanner to read the fault code. Take it to your nearby parts store if you don’t have a scanner and also have them check it for you.

Wiring Issues: Your S10’s speedometer may stop functioning if exposed wire from or to the VSS is present. This frequently occurs after driving through deep water. A fuse could have blown, therefore it’s worth checking. If it has, simply be mindful that it will ultimately explode once more if the issue is not fixed.

ECU: If the ECU malfunctions, it may no more be able to deliver speed data to the instrument cluster. If there aren’t any VSS-related fault codes, this is a possibility, although it would be preferable to check at the wiring first before the ECU.

Speedometer: If the speedometer is not working, the entire instrument panel likely has a deeper issue.

How to Fix a Chevy S10 Speedometer Not Working

The repair engine light should be checked in the event that your Chevy S10’s speedometer is not functioning. Take it out right now to test the cruise control. If it does, that’s a fairly strong sign that the car’s speed sensor is in excellent condition. It’s time to look at it if it doesn’t.

You should check the wiring to and from the VSS once you’ve tested the cruise control. Make sure the fuse leading to the VSS is not blown before placing your head beneath the car. If so, replacing it could momentarily cure your S10’s speedometer problem but won’t address the root cause. Moving on to the ECU is necessary if everything continues to check out.

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