Chevy Tahoe Cruise Control Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 01/05/23 •  3 min read

Chevy Tahoe Cruise Control Not WorkingCruise controls have evolved over time as cars have evolved. Modern cars have a completely automated speed control system, and it may be possible to keep speed, and distance from, the car in front of you. These controls are provided by the vehicle’s computer or an ECU unit.

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Old vehicles may have what is known as electro-mechanical cruise control. This system works by having a pump that acts as a sensor that adjusts the vehicle’s throttle position by connecting a device called a hose to the throttle.

The actuator causes the throttle cable to adjust to either an increased or decreased position if the vacuum actuator is actuated. Mechanics can tell you what type of setup you may be using on the vehicle.

Common Reasons for Chevy Tahoe Cruise Control Not Working

Bad Fuse

Like other systems that control your vehicle, if you sense a potential safety issue with the system, the system will blow a fuse to prevent it from being damaged. If the fuses blow on the control panel, the control cruise will not work at all.

In this case, check the fuse that controls the vehicle’s cruise controls to determine if it has blown. When a fuse blows, it will be necessary to take it out and install a new fuse that delivers the right amount of current.

Brake Pedal Switch Failure

When the brake pedal is pushed, the brake pedal switch detects it and activates the vehicle’s brake lights. The brake pedal switch is where the cruise control is connected since brake pedal disengagement is built into the architecture of cruise control systems. In the event that the brake pedal switch malfunctions, the vehicle might believe that the brakes are applied and refuse to activate the cruise control.

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In this case, you should inspect the switches to see if they have been damaged. If the switch is damaged, you need to check all the connections on the switch and make any needed changes. When you replace the light switch, make certain the brake lights and also the cruise control system are functioning correctly.

Speed Sensor Failure

A sensor can determine the amount of fuel in the tank, regulate the flow of air in the engine, and operate the cruise control. If speed sensors fail, the cruise control may not work. If this happens, the engine may not spin. You will probably find that your car does not show a speedometer any more, and your engine is experiencing more difficulty while it is idle.

To fix, you are going to need to go under the car. You can find a hidden sensor on the underside of your car. Look for any damage to it. You should then remove and clean the old sensor, and you should also make sure the wired connections between the car sensor, speedometer and also cruise control switches are not fraying.

Damaged Vacuum Hoses/Actuator/Cable

On some vehicles, a vacuum actuator adjusts the speed of the engine by actuating a switch on the throttle. In the event that the vacuum actuator or vacuum hoses are damaged, the cruise control of a car may stop functioning.

To fix this, You can easily access the actuator by opening the hood of your car. You should inspect the hose and cable connections to make sure you have enough hose and cable to do your job. You should then replace the actuator if necessary.

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