Do You Need a CDL License To Drive A Box Truck?

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 09/20/22 •  5 min read

Box trucks are becoming so common on the road that most people do not even realize that they are there, except when there comes the need to buy, drive, or hire one for work or personal reasons. These are extremely common and are usually fitted with a large, elongated cargo box that is separate from the cab and bolted down to the chassis. Sometimes they’re called ‘straight trucks’, because they are made from a single long piece of material.

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Box trucks are used for small removals and deliveries, and most have a large door in the back to allow people to easily get into the back of them. They are used by many businesses and individuals who hire them to do their own house removals.

If you need to drive a box truck, do you need to hold a Class A Commercial Drivers License? Fortunately, drivers need not hold a valid commercial drivers’ license to drive a box truck. However, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Is a CDL License Needed for a Box Truck?

Box trucks are not required to have a Class A, B, or C license to drive them. Depending on what you are planning to do, you may need a CDL to drive these vehicles. It is all about what the vehicle can weigh.

If you are driving a vehicle that can carry a total of 26,001 pounds or even above that, then you will have to have a Class B CDL. It is normal that box trucks have a GVWR that is less than 26,000 pounds. As such, a CDL license is usually not necessary to drive them.

If you plan to drive a car that is 26 feet long and has a GVWR of more than 26,001 pounds, for example, then you will need a Class B license. Some of the smallest box trucks are only 26 feet long and have a GVWR of just under 26,000 lbs which means that you will not need a Class B or C license to drive them.

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It is very difficult to operate a semi-truck without some form of training or a commercial license, because a box truck is usually less than a certain size. In the United States, this means that people who rent trucks that are between 22 and 26 feet long do not need any specialized training. People first learn to drive a big truck or a larger sedan before they can then advance to driving a big box truck.

What are the Different Types of CDL Licenses?

If the weight of your truck exceeds the limit of a normal driver’s license, you will need a Class B Commercial Drivers’ License. Many trucking jobs require this license, and the employer will arrange for the training and testing. Many trucking jobs require a CDL, and hiring a school will arrange for the applicant to take the required classes. CDLs are classified into three groups: A, B, and C.

Do You Need a CDL License To Drive A Box Truck?

A Class A CDL is for drivers who expect to drive large trucks, while a Class C CDL is for drivers who are carrying special cargoes. B class is useful when driving heavy or dangerous vehicles, and is preferred by some employers for drivers who are hiring or working with vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds. Class B trucks are more than enough to haul large loads; they can carry large trailers with more weight in them. It is rare for commercial box trucks to be over the weight limit, except when large loads are being carried.

Drivers of school buses, tourist coaches, dump trucks, or farm machinery may be needed to get a B Class CDL.

How Do You Get a CDL License for a Box Truck?

There’s no shortcuts to getting a CDL of any class. You must take the mandatory classes to become certified. Candidates must attend the correct school and pass the appropriate test for the class they are applying for. There are many different types of schools in the USA, and there are many different ways to pay for the courses.

What Happens if You Get in a Box Truck Accident?

Box trucks can cause two types of accidents: the driver of the vehicle and the rental company that let the reckless driver use the truck. Companies are required to make sure that renters who are responsible are using their vehicles responsibly. Rental companies must take the necessary precautions to prevent reckless or unlicensed drivers from operating their vehicles. Rental companies must ensure that their trucks are safe to drive by maintaining the necessary maintenance on the vehicles such as changing the tires, changing the oil, and other types of mechanical upkeep.

First of all, drivers of large box trucks must ensure that they are able to operate the vehicle safely. When someone is unsure about their driving skills, they shouldn’t be driving a large and heavy truck.

If someone else is driving a rental car or renting a truck, they are responsible for driving it safely, whether they can or not. If a driver is not sure whether they can safely drive a box truck, they should either hire a professional driver or hire someone who has experience operating a large and heavy vehicle. It is not mandatory to have a valid commercial driver license to drive a box truck, but you should always use your best judgment when driving a heavy-duty vehicle.

Tips to Driving a Box Truck

Most experienced drivers will feel confident driving small box trucks, but many should use some caution when driving these trucks for the first time. Some time spent practicing the different braking systems and how these vehicles perform is advised by vehicle safety organizations.

When driving on the highways with a limited view out the back window, using wing mirrors and signaling early is particularly important. This will allow cyclists and other road users to react in time to make their stops. It is useful to be able to make wide turns and avoid any tricky situations.

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