Does an Audi A3 Hold Its Value?

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 06/21/22 •  3 min read

After five years, a used Audi A3 can be expected to depreciate to nearly 50%. In addition, beyond those five years, the retail value of that vehicle will also go down to just a little bit below $21,000.

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Keep in mind that the starting price for the Audi A3 is likely to fall somewhere around $41,000. However, how well it retains its value will also depend on how much use you get out of it on a regular basis, and how well you maintain its condition.

Buy a Audi A3 New vs. Buy an Audi A3 Used?

If you buy a used Audi A3 that is around two years old, you can save up to over $12,000 compared to if you bought an A3 brand new. As that new model is still relatively fresh out of the garage, it is also subsequently likely to have many miles left. If you plan to keep the vehicle for three years, you will depreciate the vehicle’s cost over that time at nearly $8,000.

We suggest that you try to buy used cars that are around three years old, because brand new vehicles often depreciate quickly in general. If there is no way of buying an Audi A3 that is a few years old, it may be best to look elsewhere or to wait a couple more years.

Which Model Years are the Best Times to Buy an Audi A3?

We think that the 2020 Audi A3 is the best choice for the best value in model year for the A3. As for the 2020 model, you can expect to pay a little over 70% of the initial buying price of the car. Even with this deal, you will still have a little over 90% of the vehicle’s usability. The 2019 and 2018 models are also good to consider for the Audi A3, as both provide an overall solid value for money.

How to Maintain the Value of an Audi A3

At the end of the day, trying to keep up the value of an Audi A3 does not just come down to how well you pay attention to its rankings and its depreciation rates. In fact, perhaps the most substantial factor is just how well the owner of a specific car takes care of it.

Maintaining a car involves taking care of it in order to extend its lifespan. Some of the ways that you can keep the value of an Audi A3 up is by avoiding damaging any of its parts, keeping it clean, and not chipping its paint. When parking your car, try to leave the wheels facing forward so that they do not get scratched.

The list of things that you can do to maintain the value of an Audi A3 is pretty long, but if you take care of these basic tasks on a regular basis, your vehicle will have a much better chance at retaining its value. By being watchful for things like these, you can expect your car to retain its value better than it would on its own.

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