Does an Audi Q3 Hold Its Value?

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 06/22/22 •  3 min read

In five years, the value of an Audi Q3 can be expected to depreciate by 46%. Subsequently, the resale value of a five-year-old vehicle can be estimated to fall at around $20,000. This applies to cars that are in relatively good condition and burns through about 10,000 miles on an annual basis. It also results from the assumption that buying one that is brand new would cost someone at a little over $37,000.

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The Audi Q3, which is the smallest SUV, does a great job in retaining its value. As a result, it consistently ranks among the top luxury vehicles. Furthermore, the Q3 is considered to be an exceptional value amongst its peers, offering spaciousness among luxury models overall.

What is the Difference Between Buying a New Audi Q3 and Buying One Used?

You would save money if you bought a used Audi Q3 that was only about two years old. More specifically, you would save a little over $8,000 than you would if you bought it completely new. Keep in mind that two years isn’t an incredibly long period of time. In other words, you can expect such a car to not have considerable damage.

If you are planning to keep this vehicle for three years, you will get somewhere below $8,000 in terms of depreciation cost. This will vary depending on the age and how long it has been owned, so try out different matches to see if you can find a depreciation point that fits you best. As a whole, though, it’s best to stick to cars that are about three years of age.

Model Years That Are Best for Buying an Audi Q3

This is the 2020 Audi Q3: the best year to buy a Q3. You will pay on average nearly 80% of the original starting price. You will also get it with 92% of its remaining life still left. Other possible choices include the 2018-2019 model years. It is best to use certain calculators and tools to get the best competitive quotes for this matter.

Why Buy the Audi Q3: Safety

All models of the Q3 have automatic emergency braking (AEB), blind-spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, and lane-keeping assistance. They are fully equipped with all the features that you need. For safety kits, this is an amount worthy of admiration.

Also, the protection in case of a crash is impressive. The Euro NCAP found that the Q3 was good in terms of protecting adult occupants as well as protecting children. If you want a vehicle that is safe, which may be of importance if you’re someone with a large family, look at the Audi Q3.

How to Maintain an Audi Q3

Paying attention to depreciation rates is not all that you can do to keep up the value of a vehicle. At the end of the day, the biggest factor is how well the owner keeps maintenance on track. This means maintaining it at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way. Maintaining your car on a regular basis will help keep its value as high as possible.

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