Does Subaru Crosstrek Hold Its Value?

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 07/12/22 •  3 min read

The Subaru Crosstrek is a versatile, safe, and efficient car. This hatchback boasts the best resale value of any subcompact SUV.

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If you buy a Subaru Crosstrek, its value will decrease by nearly 40% after five years and it will have a five year resale value of a little over $17,000. This is based on a price that was nearly $29,000 when it was new.

The Subaru Crosstrek performs very well when it comes to resale cars. At the end of three, five, and seven years, it ranks in the top 20% of new models. Crosstrek is the most reliable model in the industry, and that shows in the fact that their ability to hold their value both in the short-term and in the long-term. Crosstrek is certainly a strong yes for any value-conscious shopper.

Difference in Buying New Subaru Crosstrek vs. Used

When you buy a used Subaru Crosstrek that is currently only two years old, you can save nearly $8,000 compared to buying one new. This will still leave you with a model that is young enough to not have much wear and tear. If you were planning to keep the vehicle for three years, you would have a total cost of depreciation of over $3,000. There are other combinations of age and use to see if there are certain points that allow for the lowest cost of depreciation. There are some recently released Crosstrek models. If it is not possible to buy one that is a few years old, then you might consider waiting until later.

Which Model Years of the Subaru Crosstrek to Buy

What we think about the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek is that it is the best value among the Crosstrek model years. On average, when you buy a vehicle in 2020, you will pay only a little over 80% of the price of the vehicle when it is new. This will leave you with a car that still has at least 90% of usability. You can also turn to the model versions from two years prior to this.

How Much Reliability Does the Crosstrek Have?

In 2021, the Subaru Crosstrek supposedly has a reliability that rates four out of five. That is a good score, and it is above average. A minor engine problem with the 2017 model, as well as a transmission problem with the 2016 and 2017 models, were some of the factors that caused the score to fall. Another set of issues that the 2016 Crosstrek had were the breaks, the climate system, and the electric system.

As for the Crosstrek, it is the model that is most awarded. It is one of the most affordable SUVs that people can own, the best family car, and it is one of the 10 best SUVs under $30,000.

It is extremely agile, but it is still capable. The Crosstrek is small and easy to maneuver in cities. It also has a high ground clearance and all-wheel drive, so you can handle it every season.

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