Does Toyota Avalon Hold Its Value?

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 07/02/22 •  3 min read

When you buy a Toyota Avalon, its value will decrease by 45% after five years of being out. Its value to be resold after five years is $21,078

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In this prediction, we base it off of data of cars in considerably good condition, and an average of over 10,000 miles traveled on an annual basis. It is also assumed that when the vehicle is new, it will have a selling price of $38,499.

Which is Better: Buying a New Toyota Avalon or Buying it Used?

In that case, if you buy a used Toyota Avalon that is still two years old, you could save $7,931 compared to buying a new car. This is the best of both worlds: you will get a model that is still quite new, but still has many life in it left to use. If you are planning to keep the car for three years, you may end up with a cost of $9,490 in depreciation.

If you try models that have been owned for certain years or those which are older, you may be able to find where you can have a depreciation cost as its best. As a whole, though, try buying cars that are about two to four years old, as brand new ones will depreciate at a faster rate. If this is a vehicle that has just been released, you may have to wait for a few more used Avalon models to become available.

Good Model Years for Buying a Toyota Avalon

Our best pick is for the 2018 Toyota Avalon, which is the most affordable model year. With the 2018 model, you will pay, on average, only 64% of the price as new. And there will still be 75% of the vehicle’s useful life. Other model years include the 2020 and the 2017. This is the best time to get a car that is worth the price.

What is the Efficiency of the Toyota Avalon?

One of the best full-size sedans in the world, the Avalon offers fuel economy across all its models that is above average.

As for the Avalon’s gas mileage, it is among the best in the full-size car segment. That lineup also includes two types of hybrids: gas-only cars and gas-electric ones. 3.5 L V6 engines are available for the fuel-powered models, and 2.5 L V4 engines are available for hybrid variants.

How Fast Does the Toyota Avalon Value Decrease?

The Toyota Avalon is one of the most popular models, and it is easy to understand why that is. Its drivers will enjoy a comfortable ride, plus there is a lot of cargo space and good fuel economy. Because of all these qualities, the Avalon is very popular among full-size cars on the market.

When consumers have a strong demand for Avalons, the result has been a reduced depreciation on existing models. In the luxury sedan segment, in which the value of luxury vehicles is often at a high, Avalon models usually hold their value.

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