Does Toyota Sienna Hold Its Value?

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A Toyota Sienna will have a 5 year decrease in value amounting to 44%, with a 5 year resale value of $21,489. That is assuming a price of $38,503 when it is bought brand-new

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To Buy a Toyota Sienna New or Used?

If you buy a used Toyota Sienna that is only two years old, you could save $9,606 compared to buying a new car. That means that you will still have a relatively new car, and that your car still has lots of useful life left. Keep in mind that in owning this car for three-or-so years, you can expect a cost of $7,408 in terms of depreciation. As a whole, for the best result, you should avoid cars that are younger than two years, and those older than four. This will allow you to get a Toyota Sienna during a depreciation point that fits your budget best.

Which Toyota Sienna Model Year is Best?

In our rankings we have picked the 2020 Toyota Sienna to be the best model year value. So, when you buy a 2020 vehicle, you will pay on average above 80% of the price that you would have to pay if you bought it brand-new. This will also still maintain at least 90% of its usefulness. Other years you can consider include the 2019 and 2018 models.

How Fast Will The Price of Toyota Sienna Increase?

The Sienna is a spacious cabin to take the entire family on trips, and has plenty of cargo space to pack all of their supplies.

It is one of the few models to have an all-wheel drive (AWD), so that it can be driven even in inclement weather. It is also very reliable, and that is unsurprising for a Toyota vehicle. All these things have caused the  Sienna to become very popular among family-sized customers.

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

Because of how popular Sienna models are, they have become much more valuable than most other items. Still, you can expect it to retain 56% of the value after five years of use.

Is the Toyota Sienna Really Reliable?

The Sienna is another example of Toyota’s commitment to making reliable vehicles. It is very reliable, with the result that you do not have to worry about multiple breakdowns. We have given the Sienna a 3.5/5 reliability rating, ranking it among the top 10 most reliable minivans. This is one of the most reliable minivans that you can find on the market.

How Safe is it to Use a Toyota Sienna?

Inside the SNNA, there are plenty of safety features, enough to satisfy even the most safety-conscious drivers. Each model in the 2020 lineup of vehicles features adaptive lane-control, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive radar cruise control. Their headlights are very bright and provide excellent visibility in low light conditions.

Some of you might be concerned about the Sienna’s crash protection, which you may fear is very lacking. However, in the IIHS Small Front Overlap Test, the Sienna scored averages on both sides of the test. This test evaluates a vehicle’s protection in the event of a car crash from the front side of the car. It has a score of “Acceptable” in terms of the safety for the driver side, as well as “Marginal” for the passenger-side.

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