Double Cabin Pickup Trucks : 5 Questions Before You Buy

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 03/03/21 •  4 min read

Double cabin pickup trucks or double cabs are increasingly similar to passenger cars in terms of technologies aimed at comfort, connectivity, and safety. And this type of vehicle is also widely used for work, especially in regions further away from large urban centers.

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Next, we list five items that the consumer needs to know before buying a double cabin pickup.

1 – What is The Load Capacity Of A Double Cabin Pickup ?

Double cabin pickup trucks

No matter what industry you are in, you need a pickup truck that is capable of handling the payload without compromising safety and efficiency. Payload is the maximum weight that the vehicle can carry, the sum of cargo, passengers, fuel, etc.

2 – What Is The Towing Capacity?

Double cabin pickup trucks

In some cases, the bucket is not enough to accommodate tools and work material, which forces the user to attach a trailer or trailer to the rear of the truck. Therefore, it is important to also consider the maximum weight that the vehicle can tow.

And this towing capacity has to be observed according to the type of implement to be pulled, since the number informed by the truck manufacturer varies when the trailer does not have its own brakes (electronically activated in sync with the brakes of the vehicle that the pull).

Trailers that do not have brakes are generally smaller and lighter, with less influence on the truck’s dynamics and performance. Larger ones, like trailers, require additional braking to ensure stability during operation.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

A Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport, for example, is capable of pulling a 2,300 kg trailer with brakes. If the implement does not have additional braking, that number drops to just 750 kg.

Another precaution to be taken by those who are going to use the truck for towing is the capacity of the hitch. This value changes according to the weight of the implement.

3 – What Are The Security Items?

Double cabin pickup trucks

The safety that the vehicle can provide in daily commuting is as important as the professional’s care during his task. For this reason, it is also worth noting the level of safety equipment that pickups available on the market offer.

Driving aid technologies, such as parking and lane change sensors, adaptive cruise control, and emergency autonomous braking, make the final price of the vehicle more expensive, but it is important for the consumer to check at least the number of airbags and the presence of stability and traction controls on the vehicle he intends to purchase.

4 – What Is The Off-road Capacity?

If workplaces are in hard-to-reach areas, it is important for the truck to be able to run on dirt roads (which can turn into mudflats on rainy days) without running the risk of letting the driver down.

Most medium-sized double-cab pickup trucks are sold with 4×4 traction, a key feature to face obstacles away from the asphalt. Some models are equipped with differential lock and driver assistance technologies.

In the case of use in extreme conditions, the consumer must check whether the truck can receive changes (off-road tires, higher suspension) that do not compromise the vehicle’s durability and, consequently, do not result in the loss of the factory warranty.

5 – What Comfort And Convenience Technologies Do They Offer?

Double cabin pickup trucks

Gone is the time that a work vehicle had to be rustic, without offering comfort and items that facilitate the driver’s task. Nowadays, pickup trucks are as (or more) comfortable as passenger cars.

In addition to assisted steering and air conditioning, these vehicles can be equipped with a multimedia center. It may seem unnecessary, but this equipment allows the driver to answer phone calls and navigate through navigation maps without having to handle cell phones while driving – an attitude that puts traffic safety at risk and can result in fines for the driver.

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