How Many Pallets Fit In A 26-Foot Truck

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Pallets, often made of wood, are used to support cargo and handle it. It is possible to transport all types of goods using pallets, varying from groceries to paper to car parts. Pallets can help you load goods into a truck are useful for many reasons:

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It is very common to say that pallets have a particular pallet standard size but in reality, each industry has different pallet sizes. Many industries have custom-made pallets to accommodate various sizes of products. Here are generally the standard pallet sizes that are used.

This size of pallet is what the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) selects in their standards for pallets. This size of pallet is the most popular one that can be made and is widely used to carry groceries.

They are used mainly for transport in telecommunications and are used extensively in paint companies.

This size pallet is the largest one that can hold all the items that you need to move. It allows you to carry large drums containing liquids.

It plays a large part in the industry of automobiles.

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It can be used to ship bottled water or other drinks.

Pallet Types

There is a wide variety of pallet types that are made from different materials and you can classify them based on what materials are used to build them, how they are designed, and how they are accessed.

By Material

Wooden pallets are made from many different kinds of wood. Wood pallets help people transport heavy goods from one place to another. They help people store goods in a warehouse.

Metal can be used to build pallets. Metal pallet construction is strong and lasts a long time. If damage occurs to the pallets, it is easy to repair them. They can be bulky, so they increase the weight of your package, and that may result in more expensive shipping.

Pallets made from plastic are cheap, but very discouraged because they are unlikely to be recycled. They do not have the strength to carry big loads.

Pallets made from cardboard are used mostly in boxes to carry out the job of putting contents in them. They weigh only a few pounds, are easily recycled, and are cheap. They cannot withstand heavy loads.

How Many Pallets Fit In A 26-Foot Truck

By Design

Block pallets are designed to allow access to all four sides of the container, making them the more solid and versatile option.

Stringer pallets, or string pallets, are pretty common. It contains three 2 x 4 boards/stringers arranged in a string pattern on either side of the pallet and one in the middle.

By Entryway

Pallets are easily reached by forklifts when there are two openings in the middle for the forklifts to enter.

Pallets which allow you to access the interior by four different entry points.

The Weight of a 26-Foot Truck Can Carry

26-Foot trucks can carry a gross weight (GVWR) of 26,000 lb. The amount of weight that your vehicle can safely transport depends on its curb weight.

The weight limit of the vehicle you are driving is shown in the owner’s manual or the pressure warnings on the tire. When you find it, use the formula listed above to find out the size of the payload.

The formula is GVWR – Curb weight = Payload capacity.

How Many Standard Pallets Fit In a 26-Foot Truck?

Using.48 x 40-sized standard pallets, you could fit anywhere between 10 and 12 pallets or 500 medium-size boxes in a 26-foot truck. It also has a storage compartment that can hold about 15 medium-size furniture pieces.

Carefully counting the pallets, do not load more than the maximum weight capacity of the truck.


Pallets provide a flat base that can hold up cargo while it is being transported or stored. 10-12 pallets of standard sizes can fit into a 26-foot truck. Remember not to overfill your truck.

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