How Safe Is the Chrysler Pacifica?

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How safe is the Chrysler Pacifica? This is the first question that pops in mind while determining whether to buy it or not. Chrysler Pacifica is one of the safest vehicles out on the
roads nowadays. It is considered to be the best vehicle for the families in terms of safety
by some experts. In fact , the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica was celebrated as the safest car. It topped the score chart in 6 crash tests and an acceptable score in the new test determining the passenger side front crash test. Here are the safety ratings for Chrysler Pacifica based on Insurance Institute for Highway safety ratings:

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The one of the best safety feature in the new Fiat Chrysler Pacifica is the front crash
prevention. The front crash prevention results are rated “superior” by the IIHC.

How Safe Is the Chrysler Pacifica

A 2021 Chrysler Pacifica on display | Photo via Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


The safety tests in which the new  Chrysler Pacifica is rated good are the following
1. The front overlapping test: In this test the car crashed and the driver and front
passenger were marked as safe earning a “good” rating for the car.
2. Test of the impact on the sides: In the side impact test the impact was applied
from the sides of the car and the passengers (dummy) was recorded to be safe in
Chrysler Pacifica. In this test , it  earned the “good” rating.
3. Crashing the vehicle’s rear protection: When the impact was applied from the
backside the Chrysler Pacifica was again allotted the “good” rating.
4. Test of the strength of roof: Strength of the roof was tested to ensure the
vehicle’s safety in case of a rollover. It was rated “good” again
in the roof strength test.
5. The overlap driver side: the overlap on the driver’s side was also rated as ”good”
in the new Chrysler Pacifica.

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The safety tests in which the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica is rated as “acceptable” are following
1. Overlap test for the front passengers: This test didn’t go too well for the
Chrysler Pacifica and was rated “acceptable” in this test.
2. The headlights test: The headlights tests were conducted to check the safety of
the Chrysler Pacifica but unfortunately the vehicle didn’t perform well and got
an “acceptable” rating.

How Safe Is the Chrysler Pacifica?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA has also provided the rating for the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica. It has given  5-star in overall rating, front crash of vehicle and
side impact. It has provided Fiat Chrysler Pacifica 4-stars in a roll-over situation.
The above mentioned figures speak for themselves how safe is Chrysler Pacifica?

Safety Features of the Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica 2020 has come with numerous additional new safety features along with the old ones. The safety features of the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica are given as following:

Air Bag

Air bags are one of the greatest safety features invented during the recent years. The air bag  provides the cushioning to the passengers and the driver during an accident. The airbags reduce  the impact during accidents and save the passengers and the driver from major injuries. The  airbags are hidden from the passengers and the drivers in the vehicle. Air bags inflate upon the  impact force on the vehicle and saves people from many life threatening injuries. 

4-Wheels ABS Braking System 

ABS braking systems are a very impressive innovation of recent past years. The ABS braking  provides the vehicle from skidding on roads thus preventing accidents. The ABS brakes do not  cause the tires of the vehicle to lock, it on the contrary reduces the speed and provides control.  ABS provides the driver more time to get the control of the vehicle. 

4-Wheels Disc Brakes 

The 4 wheels disc brake serves almost the same purpose as the 4 wheels ABS braking. It assists  the ABS system in reducing the speed of the vehicle. The discs are mounted on the axle of the  vehicle. At the inner side of the disk the rubber is attached, this attached rubber is pressed  against the break plates. This pressing of rubber against the plates, provides the friction for the  wheels to come to a halt. 

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control or ESC provides the automated braking service to the driver. When  the ESC detects that the driver can’t go toward where he intends, the ESC applies the brakes as  necessary. For example if the vehicle is understeer, ESC will apply brakes to the under the rear  wheels of the vehicle. 

Daytime Running Lights 


DLRs do not illuminate the roads like conventional headlights. The function of DLRs is to make  the vehicle visible. DLRs protect the car from accidents due to the low visibility, such as in foggy  or smoggy conditions. 

Blind Spot Monitor 

The blind spot monitor uses a set of sensors mounted at the driver’s blind spots. As soon as  these sensors detect something that might cause an accident, the sensors alert the driver  through audio or visual warning. 

The Chrysler Pacifica includes all these above mentioned safety features. However the passenger front  overlap is a little lacking in comparison to the other safety measures. These all details about this vehicle  speaks for itself, how safe is Chrysler Pacifica? One must consider all these details mentioned above while  making a decision whether to buy Chrysler Pacifica or not.


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