Is 2021 Toyota Avalon A Reliable Car?

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 02/25/21 •  3 min read

Is 2021 Toyota Avalon a reliable car? Well , it is the company’s largest and costliest sedan. It is a good-looking, and spacious full-size sedan which is loaded with technology and performs well. In the past, the Toyota Avalon has proven to be a very reliable and trustworthy full-sized sedan for all its owners and prospective buyers, including the brilliant 2020 Avalon.

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Is 2021 Toyota Avalon A Reliable Car?
Repair Pals on the 2021 Avalon

For the 2021 Toyota Avalon, the reliability rating from Repair Pal is 4.0 out of 5.0, putting it in the 3rd position out of 12 for full-size vehicles. The average annual repair cost for the 2021 Avalon is excellent for its size, at $463. The number and intensity of repairs is very respectable when compared with other new vehicles.

J.D. Power on the 2021 Avalon

J.D. Power calculated the reliability of the 2021 Avalon based on numerous independent and fair reviews collected from consumers who own the 2021 Avalon. Their report is evaluated on the quality and reliability of the model. They gave the Avalon 80 out of 100 calling it dependable for consumers. 

NTHSA on the 2021 Avalon

The evaluation of the 2021 Avalon by the NHTSA ratings based on their tests and the recall history is excellent, as the 2021 Avalon has received an overall safety rating of 5 out of 5 stars in the NHTSA testing, proving its solidity. Also, the Avalon has received just one recall according to Consumer Reports.

2021 Toyota Avalon Warranty

Toyota offers two years of complimentary maintenance for the 2021 Avalon. Other than that, Toyota also offers comprehensive warranty packages as standard on all variants of the Avalon. The complimentary warranty and maintenance packages include a limited warranty, which covers 3 years/36,000 miles, a powertrain warranty which covers 5 years/60,000 miles, and a corrosion perforation warranty, which is covered for 5 years.

2021 Toyota Avalon Recalls

161 potential Avalon units have received a recall. Breakaway pins within the steering column, designed to absorb energy and reduce injury during a crash, are said to be damaged during production, which can affect the airbag deployment rate after a crash, injuring the passenger. Toyota did replace the steering columns in those models, free of cost.

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The 2021 Toyota Avalon is Reliable

is 2021 Toyota Avalon A Reliable Car
2021 Toyota Avalon | KBB

Yes, the 2021 Toyota Avalon is very reliable with just one recall and a 5-star safety rating. Owner reviews are positive and there is no negativity in consensus and there have been no complaints. For the aforementioned recall, Toyota has been one of the most responsible brands on responding to customer queries or issues in any of their models, including the 2021 Avalon.

So, if you need a strong full-size sedan that will last for hundreds of thousands of miles with maintenance, the 2021 Toyota Avalon is the right choice. It is amongst the best vehicles out there in the market if you are looking for a large sedan with a stellar safety record.

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