Most Annoying 2018 RAV4 Problems

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The Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling crossover vehicle in the world. Its current design and features are a force to be reckoned with. This version of the RAV4 debuted in 2018 and let’s just say that the year wasn’t the finest for Toyota’s first-ever crossover SUV. In fact, most 2018 RAV4 problems include brakes, poor glass, powertrain, speed control and electrical issues.

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Most Annoying 2018 RAV4 Problems

2018 RAV4 Brakes Problems

2018 RAV4 Problems

The first of the many 2018 RAV4 problems are the brakes. Users have reported many troubles with them. The major ones are noise and loss of ability. Owners say that the brakes make a squealing sound when the pedal is pressed. But noise is the least of the 2018 RAV4 problems. Some also say that a lot of braking is required to stop. 

The braking system can even fail when you need it the most. Even on fixing the noise problem, the brakes remain powerless. Also, there are existing complaints about the pedal getting stuck to the floor. These problems can happen when the car is new. 

2018 Toyota RAV4 Brakes Repair Cost 

Due to issues with the brake pedal sinking to the floor, and the brake pads sometimes squealing, the 2018 Rav4 has some flaws. Many owners comment on the issue and share their concerns, claiming that Toyota offers no good solution to the problem and that this is acceptable.

This is probably because some brake pad manufacturers use outdated procedures at their factories. For peace of mind, make sure that you get Toyota to replace the pads if they don’t change under warranty. This retails for around $350.

2018 RAV4 Electrical Problems

A fair share of the 2018 RAV4 problems is electric-based. For starters, numerous codes can pop up on the interface. Some drivers find trouble with the voice control system, which doesn’t respond well to commands.

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

The 2018 RAV4 problems don’t end there. Some hybrid RAV4 models have problems with the charging system. The vehicle dies and these problems occur at low speeds.


According to the owners, the issue happens most often while the vehicle is in its “Eco” driving mode. Just like any vehicle, you’ll want to get the Rav4 moving in every direction, starting from a dead stop. If the vehicle stops running during the test drive, that may mean it’s time to shop for a different model.

Be sure to look for any of these symptoms in your car, such as strange smells, clunking noises, or hesitation before deciding if it is necessary to move the vehicle further. Vehicle damage repair is around $200 for a software reset, while full electrical harness replacement costs around $6300.

Poor Glass 

The 2018 RAV4 problems mean that you’re not even safe from the glass. The windscreen and the sunroof are a hazard on these cars. The visibility is poor, despite the commanding driving position.

This is because there’s a piece of shiny plastic material on the dash. This causes glare by reflecting from the light on the windscreen. The sunroof can also explode randomly and undergoes structural failure. 

Powertrain Faults 

When there are so many faults in other areas, the powertrain isn’t excluded either. The 2018 RAV4 problems include continuous stalling. Driving the car after this is difficult due to the loss of power. The idle also becomes rough and the car refuses to start.

The worst one is when the car catches fire. A user reported that their 2018 RAV4 randomly caught fire and the entire vehicle burnt away. 

Speed Control Malfunctions

Next up is another one of the dangerous 2018 RAV4 problems. A couple of people couldn’t accelerate their car – the vehicle didn’t go above 60mph. While others experienced lurching in traffic and/or their driveways. These have led to crashes.

There are people whose cars accelerate rapidly, which is also troublesome. These problems mean that the car’s Adaptive Cruise Control system cannot be trusted. 

2018 RAV4 Problems: Miscellaneous

2018 RAV4 problems

But the 2018 RAV4 problems do not end there. Users report that their cars have battery issues. These can cause some of the above-mentioned problems. This includes but isn’t limited to the powertrain problems.

Apart from the windscreen ruining the visibility, there are issues with the headlights as well. Another issue is with the wiring. The wiring has been coated with a substance, known to improve it. 

Has the 2018 RAV4 ever been recalled? 

No, it hasn’t been. Despite all of these grave issues, Toyota has not recalled these vehicles to fix them up. This can lead to many more accidents, even fatal ones. 

2018 RAV4 Problems

If you’re looking to purchase a 2018 RAV4, you should test drive it to the max. Also, you should check out all of the attributes mentioned in this article. 

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