Problems with BMW 3 Series

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Owning a BMW is a luxury, and the BMW 3 series has some fantastic cars that are very appealing. However, just like all cars, you will experience some problems with them as well. If you’re considering buying a car from the BMW3 series, you need to know what these common problems with BMW 3 series are.

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Getting a heads up about all the problems that you could be possibly facing with these BMW 3 Series cars is very helpful, and we’re here to do just that today. Without any more delay, let’s jump right ahead!

Problems with BMW 3 Series

Before we get further into the discussion, we should tell you that we will be focusing only on the problems that owners of the BMW 3 series owners encounter.

Shaking of the Engine While Drive

When driving your BMW 3 series car you may notice that your car is vibrating too much, which can make the riding experience quite unpleasant. This issue usually arises due to one of two reasons a worn-out flex disc or a driving shaft’s worn-out support bearing.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

To fix this engine rattling, you will have to get the flex disc or support bearing replaced with a new one. You could damage much larger parts such as the pinion flange that is on the differential if you keep your car running like this.

Engine Stalling

BMW usually does one of the best jobs with their engine, but the 3 series has its fair share of engine problems. Defective fuel pumps are common in these cars, and so the fuel pressure can get low which may cause the engine to stall. In that case the OBD2 scanner will display the fault code p0174 BMW.

The battery cable connector corrodes along with its terminal which can cause a loss in electrical power to the BMW. As a result, the vehicle may stall.

Decrease in Accelerating Power

When you press down on your gas pedal you may notice that your engine is not providing nearly as much power for acceleration as it should. In such a case, you could be dealing with a bad camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor. For you to determine which of the two is malfunctioning you’ll have to get a diagnostic test.

Rattling from the Back of the Vehicle

In these car models, at times if you brake, you may hear this rattling sound from the rear of the car. This could be a major symptom that your brake discs and pads have become worn out, and need to be replaced.

Poor Braking Power

Having decent braking power is essential for your safety. However, some of the BMW 3 Series cars take much longer to brake than they should. This is not expected from a company like BMW. In some more severe cases, people have an experience that their braking power has been lost entirely.

This could be a symptom of many defects inside your car, so if any of you experience this then take your car to the mechanic immediately.

Airbags Randomly being Deployed

This problem with these cars has to be one of the most absurd ones on our list. Even if some of the BMW 3 Series cars don’t get collide with anything, airbags are deployed. The root of this issue is a malfunctioning safety isolation switch.

If you already own a car from this series then we would suggest you check the safety isolation switch, before you are hit with an airbag for no reason.

Malfunctioning Seat Belt in the Cold

You may experience this problem if you live somewhere where it gets very cold. The locking mechanism of the seat belt will get jammed in the cold. To fix this problem, you’ll have to get a new locking mechanism installed for your seat belt.

Vibrating Wheels

It is known that BMWs don’t necessarily excel when it comes to making their tires, but with the 3 series, there has been a common complaint that their wheels vibrate while driving. Once the wheels start to vibrate too much, you may also notice that your car is wobbling.

Worn-out rear axle bolts are to blame for this issue. Luckily, the fix isn’t too complicated because you’ll just have to replace the bolts, and that’s something you’ll be able to do yourself.

Power Steering Not Working

You may experience a sudden difficulty in steering your BMW 3 series vehicle because the power steering is no longer functioning. You’re in for an expensive replacement if you encounter this steering problem because most of the time it’s a symptom of a power steering system that needs replacement.

Windows Getting Stuck when they’re Rolled Down

With the BMW 3 series car, there is a relatively higher chance that your window or in some cases windows may get stuck when they’re rolled down. This usually calls for the replacement of window regulators, which can be a challenging task.

A Foul Burning Smell when Driving

If you experience this symptom don’t panic, but you also have to be quick so your car doesn’t go up in flames. The burning smell comes from the oil leaking from the valve cover gasket to the exhaust manifold.

We would recommend turning off your engine if you get this smell in your car. After that, you should get your leaking gasket replaced as soon as possible.

Final Words

All the common problems with BMW 3 series that we have discussed today are well worth mentioning to people who are considering buying one of them. If you already have a car from the series then you may also benefit from the information that we have given by staying cautious.

For users who are already experiencing these issues with their BMW 3 series car, you shouldn’t delay in getting these repairs done! If you have any further queries about these problems drop them below in our comment section!


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