Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

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Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

What is a Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab?

If you are planning to go on a trip, you might want to use a semi-truck sleeper cab. The thing about a semi-truck sleeper cab is that you can use it as a regular cabin and sleep inside of it.

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A sleeper compartment is the space behind the driver’s seat of a semi-trailer truck, usually containing at least one bed and, depending on the configuration, other amenities such as a bathroom, refrigerator, workspace, microwave, and television.

Sleeper cabins allow long-haul drivers to sleep in trucks rather than motels, providing a convenient and affordable way to meet their off-duty needs.

There are many things that make the semi-truck sleeper cab a great option for you when traveling. You will be able to use the semi-truck sleeper cab for a lot of different things, and you will be able to use it for many different things.

Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

The bed is adjustable, so you can change the height to whatever height that you need it to be. If you want to work on your laptop or read, the semi-truck sleeper cab has a table that you can use for this purpose. You can also cook if you want to eat in the semi-truck sleeper cab.

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There are many different things that you can do with the semi-truck sleeper cab, so it is worth looking into if you want a bed that is flexible and able to be used for many different things.

You can also customize your sleeper by working with customization companies such as ARI Legacy Sleepers, AA Trucker Sleeper, and Powerhouse Coaches.

It’s a strong industry and the customization options are pretty impressive. Of course, the more individual and intricate the design, the more it will cost.

Major manufacturers of truck sleepers include Volvo, Freightliner, International, Peterbilt, Kenworth and Mack.

Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

As you probably already know, these are big names in the trucking industry. They all have solid reputations, but they also have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, make sure you choose the most suitable one for you by researching the sleepers first!

How Big is a Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab?

Semi-trailer sleeper cabs vary greatly in dimensions. The width of the cab usually matches the width of the truck, but the height and length are transverse, with some low roof models being less than 6 feet high and high roof models being 8 feet high.

Lengths vary even further, with custom-built extended sleeper cabins measuring over 200 inches in length.

Bed sizes in sleeper cabins also vary, but in general Peterbilt and Kenworth have a reputation for offering larger size beds. However, in most cases, bunk beds are offered in standard twin XL or “long twin”.

Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

This means that even if you’re fairly tall (6ft+), you should be able to sleep relatively comfortably. Well, there are some sleeping pods that are so big that they defy almost all logic.

These are almost always completely custom designed, but these giants of the road stretch well over 200 inches and often, with truly unique features such as a garage space for motorcycles.

How Much is a Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab?

Brand new sleepers from major manufacturers range in price from $230,000 to $280,000 depending on make, model, size, configuration and trim level.

If you’re just looking for a sleeper pod, you can expect to pay around $55,000 for a new pod on average, but again, this will vary greatly depending on the finish and level of customization.

Used sleepers are significantly cheaper and may be an option worth considering.

Before you buy a sleeper, there are some things to keep in mind. First, check out the dimensions of the sleeper and make sure it can fit into your trailer.

Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

Second, find out what level of customization the sleeper will have and make sure that you can live with the results. Third, take a look at what your needs are for your sleeper.

For example, if you’re going to be sleeping in the cab all the time, then you’ll want a lower priced sleeper than someone who plans to sleep in their sleeper pod only a couple of times per year.

And finally, if you’re planning on sleeping in the cab on a regular basis, then you may want to look at two or three different sleepers before settling on one. Also make sure the price is within your budget.

This way you can find out what type of sleeper is best suited for your specific needs.

Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

What Amenities are Available in a Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab?

A bunk is always furnished with a bed, but may also include other amenities such as a closet, small desk, refrigerator, microwave and television. You also have the option to get multiple outlets for your inverter and power supply. Storage space is often very important in sleepers.

Some models also have red floor lighting or atmospheric ceiling lighting. This allows drivers to turn on dim lights without blocking their view or illuminating the interior of the cab.

Semi-Truck Sleeper Cab Layout

As for the actual sleeping space, there are several options such as basic single beds, large beds that sleep two, and even bunk beds. Manufacturers are constantly striving to make sleepers more comfortable.

For example, Volvo offers an adjustable bed option with adjustable positions that can give the bed the feel of a comfortable chair. Also, both the top and bottom tiers have a USB and a 12 volt charging port.

For entertainment, you can also install a game console in your sleeper or satellite TV in your taxi through providers like EpicVue.

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