Smallest 5th Wheel Campers

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Smallest 5th Wheel Campers

What is a 5th Wheel Camper?

When buying an RV or RV, you have a variety of styles to choose from. Some campers are designed for large families, while others are designed for solo off-road trips.

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Which type is right for you depends a lot on how you want to use your camper, how many people you’re traveling with, and where you want to take it.

A popular choice for travelers of all types is the 5-wheel motorhome. A 5-wheel camper is a camper trailer that is towed behind a truck and attached to the truck via a trailer hitch that is mounted in the middle of the truck bed.

It has a special hitch that attaches to the bed of the truck and extends above the cab. This allows the trailer to sit higher than other types of trailers, increasing stability when towing.

The “U” shaped coupling component commonly found in the rear of a tow truck, pickup truck, or large van today is referred to as the fifth wheel. He is also widely used in RVs due to its advantages.

Caravans tend to be larger than your average RV and are often well equipped with pull-out rooms and built-in kitchens. They’re popular with campers who want extra space and amenities but don’t want to drive a larger RV.

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When deciding whether a 5-wheeler is the right type of RV for your needs, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of that type of RV before making your final purchase.

What is the Benefit of a 5th Wheel Camper?

When buying an RV, the vehicle has only one purpose. I rarely drive my RV around town to run errands. Also, once you’ve set up camp in your RV, you don’t want to drive your vehicle back to town or reach a nearby lake or trailhead.

Conversely, with a 5-wheel camper, the truck that tows the camper can be your means of transportation during and after your trip.

Campers are also safer to operate than many towing trailers. The weight rests on the bed of the truck, making it more manageable to maneuver and more stable while driving.

The unit is spacious enough for a large family. Additionally, it does not require an engine or cab room to create additional space. There is also a raised sleeping area above the truck bed.

Smallest 5th Wheel Campers

Additionally, this special camper has a slide-out that can be equipped with additional sleeping options. If you want a feeling of living on the road and a lot of space, a fifth wheel trailer is the way to go.

The fifth wheeler design is very versatile compared to other types. In case of an emergency or a sudden trip to a nearby town, you can hop in the tow truck and leave the team at the campsite.


Lastly, when you buy an RV, you commit to maintaining your second vehicle. This means two oil changes, fluid flushes and general vehicle maintenance. With a 5-wheel trailer, you only need to maintain your truck. Owning a trailer with a fifth wheel requires the following maintenance:

What is the Smallest 5th Wheel Camper?

The smallest fifth wheel camper currently available is the Scamp 19′. This fiberglass model is small and light, but fits everything you need to stay comfortable.

At just 2,400-2,900 pounds, the Scamp 19 feet is the lightest fifth wheel camper on the market.

Another one is from Fifth Wheel Co Dreamseeker. The Fifth Wheel Co is a British built brand with a small range of fifth wheels, one of which fits our little category nicely.

At 24 feet 11 inches, the Dreamseeker is petite and fits in a full size (walk-in) bathtub and sofa, as well as a dining area.

Travelhome Macquarie has several fifth wheel vehicles ranging in length from 23 feet to 29 feet.

Macquarie’s 23 feet Series II has a great layout with a lounge/dining area through the rear windows, offering great views while you enjoy your meal. The floor plan is a single bed, but it can actually be converted into a queen size bed.

The last one on our list is from KZ Sportsmen. At 24 feet 10 inches, KZ’s 231RK is the smallest in the fifth wheel range but has all the features you would expect from a much larger rig.

The back wall kitchen layout uses a direct entry into the kitchen rather than a separate entry area. This rig could fit everything you need in your home, and anything more can be kept short and possibly light.

What is the Disadvantage of Using a Fifth Wheel Camper?

Many people consider fifth wheels to be a much better choice than other trailers, but this type of RV has few drawbacks.

These RVs are large and cannot be stored in a regular garage. Therefore, in the off-season, you will have to rent a warehouse or pitch for your campervan.

When you’re not using your fifth wheel camper, you’ll need to find a place to park your trailer. Unlike RV or pop-up trailers, which is tiny, the fifth wheel takes up quite a bit of space. This may require renting a storage unit or RV site in the off season.

An important note is that unlike RVs and other types of RVs, the driving and living areas are separated by a fifth wheel.

To get to the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom you have to get off the truck and onto his fifth wheel. When you go on a trip with someone, it can be lonely driving while the other person is enjoying it.

A fifth wheel camper needs to be towed by a powerful truck unlike other campers. Because of its weight and size, you need a vehicle that can not only tow a trailer, but also stop safely. A second investment may be required if you do not have a suitable vehicle.

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