Sprinter 170 Extended Length

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Sprinter 170 Extended Length

What is the Difference Between Sprinter 144 and 170?

When it comes to parking and maneuvering in tight spaces, it’s no surprise that the 144-inch wheelbase Sprinter comes out on top. This wheelbase has a small turning radius and fits easily in standard parking spaces found in most parking lots.

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However, the 170-inch WB Sprinter van is extremely maneuverable. The van fits (barely) in a standard parking space and, like all Sprinters, is designed for urban traffic. Compared to his traditional RV, the 170-inch Sprinter is a much more maneuverable vehicle. The Sprinter’s narrow profile combined with safety features and moderate size make it easy to navigate city streets.

If you don’t drive around town much and plan to use the Sprinter as your daily driver, parking and handling aren’t big factors when choosing a van wheelbase.

The longer the wheelbase of your RV, the more interior living space you can build to fit your layout. The difference in interior space between the 144-inch and 170-inch extended wheelbase Sprinters may seem trivial at first glance, but it’s actually quite a difference.

However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the length of your adventure van. Firstly, if you have children or need more than 2 seats in the van, most of the time the 170″ The WB Sprinter is the van of choice.

Then consider how important a full-length bed is to you. A full-length bed will not fit horizontally in a Sprinter van. They should be aligned front to back. In a 144-inch Sprinter with a short wheelbase, the remaining living space is very limited due to full-length beds in the front and rear.

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How Long is the Longest Sprinter Van?

If you’re looking for a work vehicle to use for your local business or workplace in Springfield, you may be wondering if the dimensions of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are right for your needs.

Available as cargo van, passenger van, crew van and cab chassis sprinter, the 2022 Sprinter configuration is flexible so you can get the exact Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dimensions you need for the job.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Panel Van Wheelbase

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van length

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Roof Height

Sprinter 170 Extended Length

Dimensions Mercedes-Benz Sprinter:

How Long is the Mercedes Sprinter Extended?

Mercedes offers Sprinter 2500 models with extended wheelbases of 144 inches, 170 inches and 170 inches. As the name suggests, the 170 inches Extended is slightly longer overall than the 170 inches. The lengthened model is 290 inches long and the 170 is 274 inches.

The increased length also contributes considerable additional cargo space within the extended model. The 2022 Sprinter 2500 170-inch extended version has 533 cubic feet of storage compared to 488 cubic feet in the standard 170-inch wheelbase. At 3,682 pounds, the 2500 Stretch Sprinter has a slightly lower payload capacity than the 170-inch, which can hold 3,792 pounds.

Like its standard 144-inch and 170-inch counterparts, the 2500 170-inch long-range Sprinter van uses a four-cylinder diesel engine. In both the 170-inch and 170-inch Extended, the engine makes 161 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. The extended van is equipped with rear-wheel drive and is equipped with an automatic 7-speed gearbox from the Mercedes 7G Tronic.

Sprinters are known for being comfortable, especially for drivers. The stretched 2022 Transporter is no exception, with options for power heated seats, extra suspension, plush leatherette upholstery and automatic climate control.

The Comfort Package offers driver and passenger lumbar support, convenient overhead controls, headrests and armrests.

Technically, the driver can upgrade to Premium Plus his package. This includes the Mercedes-Benz MBUX system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, intelligent navigation, wireless charging for smartphones, three years of map data updates, and sockets in front and behind the instrument panel.

Can a 170 Sprinter Fit in a Parking Space?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is one of the most popular vans that people use for modding, camping, business, and more. These wide, tall vehicles are great for touring or living in, but tight parking spaces can be a bit of a problem.

Sprinter vans fit in parking garages as the van is 8.15 to 9.8 feet high, but most parking garages are 10.5 to 14 feet tall or higher. However, a modified extended top, solar panels, roof vents, and other amenities add inches to the van for a snug fit.

Many argue that a 170 inch Sprinter van is much more difficult to park than a 144 inch Sprinter van.

The 170-inch Sprinter fits in a regular parking space as long as you drive the car to the end. The rear end can hang on the curb/sidewalk more than the front end, so it can also fit more into parking spaces when backing up.

Overall, the 170 inch Sprinter has an additional 3.5 feet of interior space over the 144 inch Sprinter. As for van life, it’s huge!

If you’re planning on van life with your partner or kids, we highly recommend going with the 170 inch wheelbase Sprinter van. This allows for everything you need for your van remodel, including a full bathroom, large kitchen, dresser/closet, and ample closet storage.

Most Sprinter vans are short enough to fit under overhangs so they fit in parking lots. It’s always best to look for signs near garages that indicate heights. If you park in a different garage, be mindful of your van’s overall height and don’t forget to include the dimensions of any extras you’ve added.

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