U-Haul Lock – Best Locks for Doors, Boxes and Storage

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U-Haul Lock

Security Lock Types Produced or Advertised by U-Haul

A disc lock, a truck lock, a combination lock, a lock for storage, and a padlock are just a few of the numerous kinds of locks that U-Haul supplies

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The U-Fortify Heavy-Duty Padlock in Disc, which U-Haul sells, is an excellent illustration of a lock for security. It is a $6.45 disc-style padlock.

The U-Haul 2-Inch Aluminium Value Home Lock is another excellent illustration. It is offered for $5.95. U-Fortify Padlocks Laminated Steel is one of the strongest steel padlocks, and is also available from U-Haul.

What Type of Lock is Used on A U-Haul Truck?

As long as it fits, any kind of lock may be used to secure a U-Haul vehicle. To secure your rental vehicle, you don’t require a unique U-Haul truck safety lock that is from U-Haul. You may get a locking mechanism from U-Haul if you have any reason not to utilize your personal lock.

The 80 mm WordLock Discus Lock is a fantastic illustration of a lock for security that U-Haul offers. It will ensure that no one unlocks your rental trucks without a set of keys by exactly fitting the U-Haul truck hasp. About 2 years ago, U-Haul deemed the product to be among the finest for its vehicles.

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

What Varieties of U-Haul Storage Locks Are There?

The majority of locks for security that fit may be used to lock the U-Haul storage. But, U-Haul sells secure storage locks. The 2-3/4 Discus Lock for security is one of the storage locks that the moving business sells that is most in demand.

This lock is made of steel and is ideal for use on U-Haul storage containers as well as other household applications. It is a lock of the highest caliber, offering your storage box maximum protection. The lock is laser welded, has a lifetime warranty, 2 keys, and it can be installed on any U-Haul truck. So you may lock whatever U-Haul moving vehicle you wish to rent right now or in the future, in addition to your storage container.

U-Haul Lock

What Non-Locksmith Options Are There For Me to Unlock My Rental Truck?

By contacting the location of the business where you hired the vehicle, you can unlock it. They’ll probably send someone to help you unlock the truck using a spare set of keys.

If you don’t want to phone the rental agency, get some strong tape and attach it to one window before pulling it down.

If you leave your vehicle keys inside, the window is going to open, allowing you to find them. As an alternative, you may try utilizing a slim Jim to open your vehicle door.

Is It Harder to Open A 10-Foot U-Haul Than Larger Ones?

Not quite. The doors on all of the U-Haul moving vans are identical, both conceptually and practically. Using its roll-up and roll-down capabilities, the door may be opened and closed. Because of this, opening and closing them should all be equally challenging.


How to Secure A Truck to U-Haul Trailer?

A padlock can be used to secure your U-Haul trailers to your truck. The two safety chains can be locked together to do this. This will stop the trailer from being detached from your vehicle by anyone who does not have the padlock’s key. On YouTube, U-Haul does have a video that explains this.

Where to Purchase A U-Haul Padlock at the Lowest Cost?

Your local U-Haul office is where you can get a U-Haul padlock for the lowest cost. U-Haul padlocks are frequently available for purchase at U-Haul facilities. When you purchase your U-Haul moving truck, you can purchase one. On the U-Haul site, you may also purchase one.

How Can A U-Haul Be Slim Jimmed?

You may use a slim jim, which is a tiny, flat, and thin metal piece, to open numerous automobiles without requiring keys. Learning to use a slim jim to unlock a car is a difficult talent to acquire. Locksmiths frequently go through extensive training to understand how to accomplish it fast and damage-free. By slipping a tiny, thin piece of cardboard between both the window of the passenger as well as the weather strip, you may slim jim a U-Haul.

This will make it simple for you to insert and move the slim jim. Once you’ve done so, press the slim jim up to the locking mechanism level and enter using the side of the hook facing out.

Try to locate the lock’s control arm if you think the slim jim has hit something. Hook it and immediately pull up as you feel it. This ought to open the door of your truck and let you inside.

Please be aware that when your U-Haul vehicle does have an airbag, using a slim jim runs the danger of it inflating, which might result in significant damage. Use of a slim jim also carries the possibility of damaging the wiring or the lock on the door.

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