Volvo XC70 Sunroof Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 02/21/22 •  6 min read

If you’re someone who’s interested in cars, you surely must have heard of Volvo. Volvo is a Swedish automobile manufacturer. It was founded in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson. Volvo is one of the most popular brands all over the world, particularly in Sweden.

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Volvo has a long history and has produced many vehicles that are really unique and different from others. You may not have heard of some of these vehicles but there’s a high chance that you will be interested in them, especially if you’re a car enthusiast.


Among the most interesting cars that Volvo produces are their SUVs. There are several SUVs produced by Volvo but we’ll only talk about one of the ones that most people would be interested in, namely the XC70. The XC70 is a mid-size SUV which was first introduced to the market in 1996. It  is one of the most popular SUVs on the market today, as it has a lot of good things about it which you may or may not know.


Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

One of the reasons why so many people like this car is because it’s reliable. As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the best SUVs available today, which means that it’s definitely reliable and durable enough to last for a long time.


The seats also have heating and cooling functions built into them so that you can feel comfortable while driving or even just sitting inside your car on a cold day without feeling too cold. The car also has an amazing amount of cargo space which can be a good thing for people who need to carry a lot of things.

What is a Sunroof in a Vehicle?


Another perk that the XC70 has is a sunroof. A sunroof is an opening that is usually located in the roof of a vehicle. Sunroofs are great for letting in fresh air and natural light into your car. They also allow you to see the outside of your car without having to open the door.


Sunroofs are common in many vehicles nowadays but they’re not always easy to find on a car. It’s nice to know that there’s one built into the XC70 so that you can feel free to enjoy your ride whenever you want. When it’s open, fresh air and natural light are able to enter your car. This is great because fresh air and natural light can help keep the inside of your car clean.


However, sometimes there can be problems that arise from the sunroof being opened in your car. For example, for some reason you may find that one day, your sunroof just won’t move open when you press the respective button in your engine.


You may have to try several times before it finally opens. If this happens, you may have to take your car to a mechanic to find out what’s wrong with it. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can just learn how to fix the problem yourself.

How Do You Fix a Sunroof in a Volvo XC70?

One of the most common problems that can arise from having your sunroof not working is that it won’t open or close at all. Here are some pointers as to what you can do in the event of such a thing:


1) Try to perform a reset of your sunroof

One of the things that you can do in order to fix your sunroof is to perform a reset. To do this, simply open the sunroof manually and let it close again before pressing the same button again.


Alternatively, you can try to first turn the ignition switch to the first position. Then press the sunroof switch so that it will allow the sunroof to move to a tilt position. Press and hold the switch for at least five seconds, to cause the sunroof to close. That should reset the system. If it still is not working, try doing that again with the sunroof fully open.


You should be able to see the sunroof open or close depending on what you have done. If neither of the options work, then there may be a bigger problem at hand.


2) Lubricate your sunroof

In order to get your sunroof to work again, you can try lubricating it. Lubrication is something that you should always do on a regular basis in order to keep your car working at its best.


If you want to lubricate your sunroof, then you should take some graphite powder and some oil and mix them together. Then, take a paper towel and put the mixture onto it. Make sure that the mixture is spread evenly across the paper towel. Now, rub the paper towel against the roof of your car until it’s completely covered with oil and graphite powder.


After this has been done, close the sunroof manually so that the new mixture can seep into the system. Wait for an hour or two before trying to open it again so that it can absorb all of the oils and graphite powder. You should be able to see whether or not this works if you have followed all of these steps correctly since they are very simple in nature and require no complicated machinery or tools to do so.


3) Check for a blown fuse, faulty wire, or a dead motor

Another thing that you can do in order to fix your sunroof is to check for a blown fuse, faulty wire, or a dead motor. For this step, turn off your car and remove the fuse box cover so that you can see which fuse has blown. Once you know which one has blown, simply take out the fuse and replace it with another one.


The problem with replacing a fuse is that it might not work as well as the old one did and may not last as long as expected either. So if this happens, then there’s nothing left for you but taking your car to a mechanic in order for them to replace it for you!


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