Volvo XC90 Air Conditioning Not Cold – How To Fix

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Volvo is a car manufacturer based in Sweden. It is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Volvo has been in the business for nearly a century. Founded in 1927, Volvo has a reputation for producing quality vehicles. In 2021 alone, Volvo sold nearly 700,000 cars globally, which is a 5.6 percent increase from the previous year.

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The company is also known for their safe cars. The company produces several different models of their vehicle lines. This includes the XC90 SUV and the XC60 compact crossover. The XC90 is an excellent SUV that provides customers with many features and benefits.


The XC90, a midsize crossover luxury car from Volvo Motors, is equipped with a fully automatic climate control system that makes sure that the occupants are comfortable. This climate control system allows you to have superior filtration and more adaptability. Furthermore, it operates quieter than most make and models.

What is a Climate Control System?

A climate control system is a group of components that are connected to the air conditioning system. The components in a climate control system include the air intake system, air filter, temperature sensor, and controller.

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The air intake system is responsible for ensuring that the proper amount of clean and filtered air enters the car’s interior. This allows you to feel comfortable when driving on a hot day or during the winter season. The air filter ensures that the interior stays clean and safe for everyone in the car.


The temperature sensor is used to ensure that the car’s interior is properly maintained. It monitors all aspects of your vehicle’s interior such as humidity, temperature, and other aspects that can affect your comfort level inside your vehicle. The controller monitors these sensors and responds accordingly to maintain an optimal environment for your passengers or driver.

Reasons for a Volvo XC90 Air Conditioning System Malfunction

If you have ever been in a vehicle with faulty components then you know how important it is to have them working properly! They are essential in keeping you cool while on the road.


There are many reasons why your climate control system may not be working properly. This includes issues with the temperature sensor, air filter, or controller. The following are some of the most common issues with your climate control system:


1) Your cabin air filters are dirty

If your air filters are dirty, then you will notice that the temperature inside your vehicle is higher than it should be. The dirty air filters cause your climate control system to work harder to maintain the proper temperature inside your vehicle. If this happens, then it could affect the performance of your climate control system.


There is no timeframe for changing the cabin air filters. But most manufacturers recommend that you replace the filters after 10,000-20,000 miles. When you drive a car in a dusty or polluted environment, your filter may become dirty much sooner than your manufacturer suggested.


To ensure that you have clean air filters in your vehicle, make sure that you clean them at least once a month. One of the ways that it can be done is by using a vacuum cleaner or a compressed air system, to remove at least a large part of the dirt particles.


If you do not have time to clean them yourself, then consider purchasing a professional car cleaning service. This will ensure that they are clean and free of dust and debris.


2) Your refrigerant is leaking

A refrigerant leak can be very dangerous. This is because it will damage your climate control system and the rest of your vehicle. It will also affect the performance of your air conditioning system.


There are several things that you can do to prevent a refrigerant leak in your vehicle. The first thing that you should do is check for any signs of leaks. If there are larger leaks, you may already hear them, or you can find them by spraying a leak detection spray on them. Small holes should be found by searching with a gas detector for all the components.


You should look for signs such as white or yellow spots on the ground, unusual odors, or bubbling sound coming from the car’s dashboard. After the leakage has been found, it must be closed again by replacing the respective component.


3) Your condenser is clogged

A clogged condenser is another dangerous issue that can occur in your climate control system. This is because it will affect the temperature inside your vehicle. If this happens, then you may notice that the temperature inside your vehicle is much higher than it should be.


Over time, dirt, bugs and other small particles of dust can accumulate on the surface and in the gaps between the meshes. Consequently, the cooling of the interior of the condenser is limited, as less air flows through the mesh, so there is a lot of stale air inside the condenser.


This problem can be prevented by replacing the components that cause the clogging. This includes using a power washer to clean out any debris from the cooling fins. When these fins are clean, they will prevent water from building up and causing clogging.


4) Your air compressor broke down

If your air compressor breaks down, then you will not be able to cool your vehicle. The air compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant into the condenser. This component can break down for several reasons. Some of these include the compressor not being well maintained, lack of lubrication, corrosion of internal parts, and other reasons.


When you have a broken compressor, it is usually irreparable. If the air conditioning is constantly switched on, the parts of the equipment remain mobile. Similarly, if you do not turn on the air conditioning on your XC90 for a very long time, those parts will stick to the machine.


The result is a compressor that is defective and cannot be repaired anymore. When your air compressor breaks down, it will no longer be able to pump the refrigerant into the condenser. This means that it will take longer for the system to get up to temperature and cool your vehicle. What can help is swapping out the compressor with a new one.


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