Volvo XC90 Sunroof Not Working – How To Fix

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Volvo is a car manufacturer that is best known for its robust safety features, durability, and design. First founded in 1927, it has grown to become one of the most well-known car brands in the world. Volvo’s manufacturing facility is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its vehicles are sold in nearly 200 markets, selling approximately 700,000 cars in 2021 alone.

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One of their most popular vehicles is the XC90. This vehicle was introduced in 2002 and has become a hit among customers. It is considered to be one of the safest cars on the market and comes with a host of safety features. The XC90 is known for its luxurious interior, smooth ride, and its sleek exterior.


They are all popular among Volvo customers due to their durability and great performance. They are able to achieve excellent fuel economy, which makes them great options for drivers who are looking for an efficient vehicle.


Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

The XC90 has many extra features that make it a top choice, such as a sunroof, a wireless phone charging portal, and voice control.

What is a Sunroof?

A sunroof is a large opening in the roof of a vehicle that allows sunlight to come into the vehicle and to brighten up the interior. It can be used to allow sunlight into the vehicle and to allow more air circulation in the car. It can also be used for ventilation.


The sunroofs are usually covered with a transparent glass, which allows people to see through it. Sunroofs are also made of plastic or aluminum, depending on the model of car. They can either be manual or automatic, depending on how they work.


Sunroofs are better compared to canvas tops because they are able to be opened and closed with ease. Moreover, they’re made of a sturdier material that is also more durable against damage. This is useful not just against harsh weather, but also against man made threats. Canvas tops, for example, can be easily slashed by aspiring car thieves.

Possible Issues With a Volvo XC90’s Sunroof

A sunroof may cause problems if it’s not functioning properly. For example, a sunroof can be broken if the plastic parts are damaged or scratched. If this happens, the sunroof may not open and close properly. The power to the sunroof may also be malfunctioning, which could cause it to not work at all.


Here are some other possible issues with a Volvo XC90’s sunroof:


1) The sunroof is leaking


The sunroof can be leaking if it is not working properly. If this happens, water may be coming into the vehicle through the sunroof. This could cause some damage to the interior of the car. The roof could also be damaged if this happens, which could cause the roof to leak and for water to enter the vehicle.


2) The sunroof does not open or close properly


The sunroof may not open or close properly if it is damaged or has been opened and closed a lot. It may also not work at all if it has been damaged beyond repair. The motor that operates the sunroof may also malfunction and cause it to not work at all. If this happens, the interior of your car will become wet due to the rain coming in through the roof.


Now that you know the possible issues that your sunroof may have, here are some pointers on how you can check on it:


1) Check if your motor is dead


If the sunroof does not work, the motor that operates it may be dead. A dead motor means that the sunroof is not able to open or close. This could be due to a broken wire or the motor may have been damaged beyond repair.


Test the speed of the motor by inserting a screwdriver into the center of the motor, in the area where the nylon brush is attached. Turn the screwdriver and push it inward to manually nudge the motor. If you are able to open and close the sunroof manually, the motor has failed and needs to be replaced.


If you notice that your motor is dead, you can replace it with a new one. A sunroof motor replacement can cost as little as $75 to as high as $400 depending on where you look.


2) Check for blown fuses and damaged wiring


If the motor is not working, it could be due to a blown fuse. A blown fuse means that there is a short in the circuit. This could be due to an electrical short or it could be due to a malfunctioning fuse.


If the sunroof does not work, it could also be due to loose wires in the electrical system of the car. If this happens, there may be wires that are broken or disconnected from their terminals in the car’s wiring system. If this happens, there will be no power being sent to the motor that operates the sunroof. The motor will then not function properly and will not open or close.


Check the wires of the sunroof, because a short can cause it to stop working. Test the sunroof switch and its wires with a multimeter. If there is no resistance, then the wiring of the circuit is good. In contrast, if the wires show resistance, then there is a short and they must be replaced.


3) Check for blockages or debris clogging the sunroof


If the sunroof does not work, it could be due to a blockage or debris clogging the sunroof. It is important to clean the sunroof tracks, because dirt and debris can cause the sunroof to become stuck open. You should periodically clean your sunroof tracks, so that debris does not accumulate in those tracks. If there is too much debris, this will eventually cause the sunroof cables to become damaged, and this will be very difficult to repair.


To check for a blockage, try to remove any debris from the sunroof and make sure that there are no blocks in the mechanism. To check for debris, try to open and close the sunroof manually with a pair of pliers.


If there is no resistance when you open and close it, then there is no obstruction in the mechanism and you can simply clean it with an air hose or by using compressed air to blow out any dust.

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