Why Are Jeep wranglers so expensive

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Undoubtedly, Jeep Wranglers are the most outstanding off-roading vehicles on the globe. However, is that the only rationale for its hefty price tag? Surprisingly, second-hand Jeep Wranglers do not seem so cheap as most of us think .With that in mind, here are the reasons why are Jeep Wranglers so expensive .

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Why Are Jeep wranglers so expensive


Jeep Wranglers are pretty costly because people are undeterred by their huge price tag. They’re stylish to lots of consumers worldwide and not forgetting the enthusiasts. Besides, Jeep conducts festivals and events annually. These off-road vehicles are designed for everyone, including women.
Furthermore, the price of these popular vehicles is influenced by the law of demand and supply. In spite of the huge demand for the Wrangler, its production is highly regulated, rendering it expensive.

Deep Heritage

Jeeps were accorded an iconic status due to the crucial role they played in conquering the Axis forces during World War II. These vehicles were first produced in 1941 by the Willys-Overland Motor Company specifically for the American forces. At that time, they were branded “Willys MB.” It’s vague how the vehicle was renamed “Jeep” afterward. However, some purport that the name was derived from the military parlance “general purpose” abbreviated as “G.P.”

The Jeep proved effective in nearly all rough terrains. When it got into unpassable terrains, soldiers could alight and lift it to the passable ones, thanks to lightweight. The vehicle was used mainly to ferry people, goods, and tow anti-tank weapons, enabling them to be delivered without delay.

Besides serving as a machine gun mount, a Jeep Wrangler acted as an ambulance for the casualties.

Decades later, the Jeep is still the most popular off-roading vehicle in the globe. This iconic brand’s pricing is greatly influenced by its deep heritage and, thus, the vindication for the hefty price tag.

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Jeeps Enjoy Monopoly

why are Jeep Wranglers so expensive
2020 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel | FCA

Jeep Wranglers are appealing to a section of the population. They are mainly designed for off-roading. In terms of reliability, functionality, and serviceability, Jeeps stand out from the competition. Though other companies are manufacturing off-roading vehicles, none of them has come close to matching the Jeep Wranglers. As a result of this, the brand earned itself the moniker “king of off-road vehicles.”

Other popular vehicle manufacturers like General Motors have found it hard to match the Jeep in the off-road niche. The lack of serious competitors in the field is what has allowed Jeep manufacturers to enjoy a monopoly. Moreover, being the prime in its class allows the Wrangler to command hefty fees.

Plenty of Features and Unbeatable Capability

The Jeep has plenty of in-built features like a solid front axle, lockable front, rear differentials, among others. Additional features include integrated roll bars, Dana 44 axles, tight turning radius, etc. Anti-roll and roll mitigation software coupled with high ground clearance are some of the reasons behind Wrangler’s unbeatable capacity. These features are costly. No wonder vehicles bundled with many features command a high price.

The vehicle also allows users to take down the top, windshield, and even the doors. If you intend to take down your wrangler’s hardtop, you can do it yourself with the help of specialized tools. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with an anti-drop system that restrains accidental release. Every Jeep Model comes with a set of tools such as thumb screws, tee knobs, etc., for effortless removal of the top, doors, and windshield. This means you don’t have to buy any tools as all are provided.

FCA Spends a Ton on R&D

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the producer of Jeep Wranglers, strives to improve the current models than the past ones. Engineers work tirelessly to better the existing parts, incorporate newer ones, and update software that guides the vehicle’s operations. They make the necessary changes between model years.

Engineers have worked tirelessly to make it simple to incorporate LED lights on the Wranglers. Like other vehicles, the light bar is essential for off-road use and pretty simple to setup. The good thing about LED lights is that they are compatible with almost all off-roading vehicles and Jeep Wranglers is no exception.


From the above, it’s apparent Jeep Wranglers are so expensive for a reason. Popularity, deep heritage, monopoly, numerous features, and unbeatable capability are some of the reasons that justify the hefty fee for these models. In other words, this vehicle is worth the price.

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