Wide U-Haul Car Trailer – What Is The Width Of A U-Haul Car Trailer?

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U-Haul is one of the best-selling car trailers on the market. To prepare to tow a car requires you to do some homework and plan carefully. You’ll want to make sure that the trailer you choose to transport your car is the right size.

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U-Haul innovated the design of their auto transport trailer to create an outstanding product. It is arguably the best trailer available.

UHaul’s unique car transport trailer design includes more features than just a unique appearance. This trailer features an easy-access loading ramp and auto brakes that ensure that your car is parked safely. It also features tilt-out fenders that allow you to easily open your vehicle doors.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the UHaul Car Trailer dimensions. You may be wondering what a U-Haul car trailer is made of and how much weight it can carry. If you are wondering what to know about how much a U-Haul car trailer weighs or how much weight it can carry, read on to see what our team has discovered.

What are the Dimensions of a Wide UHaul Car Trailer?

It is important to know the dimensions of a U-Haul car trailer in order to properly store your vehicle. It’s important to know the exact dimensions of the trailer you are planning to use, so you know how much room you have when you load and unload your vehicle.

A typical trailer measures 102 inches wide by 53 feet long by 13 feet 6 inches high. Semi-trailers have interiors that are 47′ 6′′ long, 98.5′′ wide, and 108′′ high.

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It has an opening that is 94′′ in width and 102′′ in height. 53 ft. semi-trailers have a maximum payload of 3,489 cubic feet, and weigh 13,500 lbs. Semi-trailers can hold about 3,489 cubic feet of cargo and weigh up to 13,500 pounds.

Here are some information that may be relevant to know regarding the dimensions of a UHaul car trailer:

Wide U-Haul Car Trailer

How Much Does a UHaul Car Trailer Weigh?

U-Haul car transports can hold loads up to 2,210 pounds. That includes the trailer and the ramps that come with the transport, and any other equipment that may be attached to the trailer.

It is safe to secure your vehicle using tire straps that are operated using levers that are fitted to the frame of the vehicle. You can also use a surge brake that is fitted to the brakes of your vehicle. These added equipment components may add weight to the trailer, but they are valuable.

If you need to tow your car, learn how to secure it safely with this type of vehicle transport.

How Much Weight Can a UHaul Car Trailer Carry?

Being aware of the maximum weight that a U-Haul car transport can carry is important. Knowing this can help you avoid serious accidents. Overloading a vehicle transport will damage it and cause it to become unsafe.

Because overloaded car transports can damage the vehicles that are in them, it is important to never overload them.

U-Haul states that the maximum weight that these transports can carry is 5,290 pounds, and that the maximum weight of a loaded vehicle is 7,500 pounds. If you stay under this limit, your vehicle will be able to safely travel with you.

Towing Requirements for a UHaul Car Trailer

There are specific rules surrounding towing something with a UHaul rented car trailer. These requirements will help protect the equipment that you are renting, but they will also help protect you and anyone else in your vehicle, the vehicle being towed, as well as other road users.

First of all, it’s recommended that you use a hardtop on an SUV if you plan on towing it. U-Haul will not allow cars to be towed with trailers that have a soft top on them. Two vehicles must be able to carry a combined weight of at least 3,500 pounds. The towing vehicle should be able to carry 80% of the trailer and the car being towed along with it. 5,000 pounds is the weight that your vehicle must carry in order to successfully carry the tow package.

Moreover, the tow vehicle and trailer must have working lights that are available at all times. There are two side mirrors that must be attached to the tow vehicle. Two vehicles must have working lights that are completely functional. The maximum speed for a rented car trailer is recommended to be 55 miles per hour.

Should you decide to rent a car trailer from UHaul (or any of their other products, on that matter), you must agree to these terms and conditions and follow the safety guidelines that they provide. If you fail to abide by these rules, it may cause you to violate your rental agreement with U-Haul.

Can a UHaul Trailer Haul a Truck?

If you need to tow a heavy truck, a 16 ft. car trailer is probably not sufficient. Car trailers of this size are usually too small to haul large vehicles. Instead, you can try out a 20ft car trailer to haul your truck. You can also choose to haul a full-size truck by using a 21 foot flatbed trailer.

Also, a full-size truck can fit within the UHaul trailer. In particular, the UHaul Auto Transport Trailer is a four-wheeler in which an entire big vehicle can fit on top of it. Trailers are the right choice for towing most sedans, coupes, and small cars. You can tow other vehicles on top of this trailer if you need to tow heavier cars and other vehicles across a significant distance. The maximum weight that a UHaul auto transport can tow is a little under 5,300 pounds.

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