Best Years To Buy A Used Honda Civic

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Based on the sales, the best years to buy a used Honda civic are 1998, 2012 and 2014. These models are  reported with the least number of complaints. These models of used Honda civic are available at  affordable prices. They are very smooth to drive and easy on hands.

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Apart from being light on your pocket,  they are equipped with amazing attributes. The catchy attributes of the Honda model of 1998, 2012 and  2014 made them best years to buy a used Honda civic. Honda company is known for its robust and reliable  vehicles.

Best Years To Buy A Used Honda civic

1998 Honda Civic

The 1998 Honda Civic model has topped the list of best years to buy a used Honda civic. Offering front wheel drive with 106 horsepower of engine, the engine has capacity of 1.6 liters along with other  astounding features. It has 5 seats. MPG is not included in this model.

The classy and stylish exterior is  quite famous among the customers. The 1998 Honda Civic model has proved quite efficient when we talk  about its performance. Interior design has also been appreciated throughout the world.

This model offers  exceptional features and qualities at an affordable price. This model also promises extreme comfort and  ease to the passengers. 

The engine is known to be one of the best with 106 hp of power and a large storage capacity. The 1998  Honda Civic model doesn’t possess excellent speed but it is fine.

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It has been found to break down  sometimes but the frequency is very low, once in its entire lifetime. It’s remarkable on gas and guarantees  exceptional value for money. The model has a cool and classy visual appearance.

Moreover, it gives quality  mileage together with remarkable fuel economy. It is exceptionally durable and very reliable.

It has proven  its worth to millions of customers. It is surely one of the best years to buy a used Honda civic. 

2012 Honda Civic

Used 2012 Honda Civic also has magnificent features that makes it worth buying. It offers a three years  bumper-to-bumper warranty that roughly equals to 36,000 miles.

Five-year powertrain warranty that  continues for 60,000 miles and lifetime corrosion resistant warranty indicates the reliability of 2012 Honda Civic. You can buy this car in a quite affordable range of $6,625 – $12,032.

2012 Honda Civic have got elegant  appearance and spectacular attributes. If you have a look at these features, you will definitely find it one  of the best years to buy a used Honda civic. 

 best years to buy a used Honda car
 Honda Civic | Honda

The 2012 Honda Civic can accommodate five persons or we can say five adults. It provides its passengers  a cabin with a sizable cargo space and large legroom.

This model is completely redesigned and there is  detailed work done on its appearance to make it eye catching. Along with the enormous size of the cabin,  its interior is designed with extremely comfortable seats.

These relaxing seats make your journey more  beautiful. Your time taking drives will no longer make you tired if you are riding on a 2012 Honda Civic.

The  2012 Honda Civic has a small trunk that can be considered as a disadvantage of this car. But this point  does not overcome many quality features of this vehicle. 

Safety features installed in the 2012 Honda Civic aids the passengers to avoid injury during car accidents  and get into dangerous situations.

Safety equipment such as vehicle stability assist (VSA), anti-lock braking  system (ABS) and traction control are available in the car to ensure the safety of passengers. Moreover,  the airbags in the car act as the greatest safety feature.

The airbags are installed at the front of the driver’s  seat and passenger’s seat. Side window airbags contribute to protecting the passengers from the rear  seat. Detection sensors are present to detect if there is any one sitting on the front seat or not to remind  him on the seat belt.

The 2012 Honda Civic gives a good mileage. It offers 22-29 miles per gallon in the city  while 31-41 when it is driven on the highways. It has an engine of 110-201 horsepower. All these qualities  make it one of the best models to buy .

2014 Honda Civic

The model of 2014 was unambiguously one of the best years to buy a used Honda civic. Despite the amazing  attributes Honda Civic possess, it also has a relatively smaller number of complaints registered. Honda Civic is a ninth generation of Honda.

Used Honda Civic is available for $10,423 – $15,290. One finds it quite  reasonable. 2014 Honda Civic has a lavish interior with comfortable leather seats. It offers a balanced ride. 

Apart from being comfortable, It is extremely stylish and sophisticated. Honda 2014  Civic can accommodate five persons. It has a huge legroom and wide cargo space that makes your journey  even better. 

Furthermore, the safety of the 2014 Honda Civic is very appreciable. Used Honda 2014 Civic perform  outstanding during safety tests. It has airbags installed that help the passengers to stay protected from  injury in case you meet any accident.

Front airbag is installed for front passenger and side curtain airbags  are installed for the rear seat passengers.

To help you avoid the event of an accident, an anti-lock braking  system. To make you well aware before you meet such a situation, 2014 Honda Civic is equipped with  a stability control mechanism. 

There are other noticeable features of 2014 Honda Civic that makes it one of the best used cars to buy. 

These features include splendid mileage, lane watch camera, impressive infotainment system and many  more. Mileage is definitely an important aspect to consider when you are buying a used car.

Honda 2014 Civic has only a front wheel drive that provides you with great mileage. It offers 22-31 miles per gallon when  driven in the city and on the highway, mileage is raised to 31-41 miles per gallon.

The automatic  transmission system of 2014 Honda Civic is replaced by advanced CVT transmission.

CVT transmission  systems have efficient torque control, hence it provides better fuel efficiency and smoother drive. The  look of 2014 Honda Civic is also revised and its touch screen is updated. 

Among many models of Honda, 1998, 2012 and 2014 models top the list. They have long lasting features  and according to customers reviews these models serve them the best.

These models have powerful  engines and they offer great mileage that attracts many drivers. Some models are redesigned to make  their look catchier.

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