Chevy Tahoe Brake Lights Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 01/04/23 •  3 min read

Chevy Tahoe Brake Lights Not WorkingBrake light warnings are a vital safety feature in the Chevy Tahoe. These lights warn others on the road that you’re reducing your speed and that the drivers behind you also must do a hard stop when the brakes are applied to the car.

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If you have bad brake light control, it will be much more dangerous to get a rear-ended car. There are several reasons why your brake lights may not be shining properly.

Common Problems of Chevy Tahoe Brake Lights Not Working


If every brake light is not working, look at the circuit that runs under the fuse box up to the pedal.  At certain points, the electricity is just not properly transferring between point A and point B. You have to determine exactly where that is.

It is important to note that the lights at the end of a vehicle’s tailpipe can still be used if the brake lights are burnt out. It can happen that several different brake lights are burning out at the exact time that they were supposed to be lit.

When all the brake lights are not turning on, look at the fuse. It will have a label on it that says “stop light” or something like that. If the fuse is in the box, you can look at it and make sure that it is working. You might be able to pull it out and check to see if it is still functioning.

Even though it seems fine, you should always put in a different fuse to get a higher power output.  Use a test light to check that your fuse is working.

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Simply connect the light’s clip to a good ground and contact the two metal tabs on the fuse’s top. No fuse has to be pulled for this. Both sides should feel the “hot” side. In that case, swap out the fuse. If it explodes many times, your Tahoe’s wire harness has most likely been damaged on its path to the brake lights. Ensure that you replace the fuse with the same size.

Brake Light Switch

Determine where power is lost between the fuse box and the brake lights. The switch for the brake lights is the most popular placement. They are affordable and simple to replace, which is fantastic news.

The brake light switch on your Tahoe is located underneath the brake pedal. Even when the key is off, electricity ought always constantly be going to it. At this stage, a test light is certainly necessary.

There can appear to be two brake controls if your car has cruise control. The alternative is to instruct the cruise control to switch off when you touch the brake pedal. To figure out which is which, you might need to refer to your handbook. However, unlike the brake light switch, which receives electricity while the key is off, the cruise control switch typically does not.

Bad Ground

If a wire is connected to a brake switch, make sure it is secure and corrosion resistant.  If there is no ground on the circuit board, temporarily install a jumper wire to secure the circuit. If the switch works, re-attach the ground wire to the ground hook.

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