Hyundai Santa Fe Liftgate Not Working – How To Fix

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 05/02/22 •  3 min read

Hyundai is one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the world. Their Santa Fe model, released first in 2001, is known for its strong performance and good fuel economy.

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However, there are some common problems that are related to the electric car, such as the liftgate not working. When a liftgate refuses to work, this causes a car to be harder to operate. After all, power tailgates and liftgates use an electric motor to activate the opening and closing of the gates. Then you are free to press a button on the trunk or key fob and wait for the door to open. Some doors also open when you hover your foot underneath the car.

Here’s some solutions to a Hyundai Santa Fe liftgate not working:

An obstacle is near the gate

It is very likely that the problem lies with the proximity sensor. This sensor detects objects and monitors their distance from the car, so that it can open or close accordingly. In this case, you should make sure that there are no obstacles near your vehicle before starting to drive it.

Make sure your car is in park

When you open the car, your vehicle likely needs to be in park. In this case, the automatic liftgate may fail to start if it is not in park. Therefore, you should make sure that your car is in park before trying to open the liftgate.

A dirty sensor may be causing problems

When you try to start your vehicle, the electric motor that activates the doors and liftgate can cause dirt or dust to build up on the proximity sensor.

This is a very likely issue because you should not leave any dirt on this part of your car, so that it does not affect its functionality. In addition, when opening and closing the doors or lifting the trunk, you should make sure that there are no foreign objects inside or around them.

Check your car battery capacity

You should check your car battery capacity before trying to start the liftgate. It is very likely that there is a problem with the battery itself and it needs to be replaced.

If the voltage is very low, but it is within acceptable ranges, the tailgate will open very slowly. If the power of your tailgate motor is way below what it needs to operate, you probably won’t get any reaction. When the car is already running, though, the alternator will likely produce enough power to run the tailgate.

Check for a blown fuse

Every electrical component in your vehicle runs through a fuse. When you experience a failure in an electrical component, it is a good idea to check your fuse box.

Pull out the fuse and check that the power is still connected. If the fuse blows, get a replacement fuse that is rated similarly and plug it in.

Fuses are not just blowing for no reason. If your power gate circuitry is constantly blowing fuses, have it checked. It is possible that there is a fault in the wiring, or the actuator motor may fail and draw more power.

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