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The Jeep Compass is a mid-size SUV that was first introduced in 2006. It has been redesigned for 2017 and now features the latest safety technology, including Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path detection.
The vehicle’s standard engine is a 2.4L 4-cylinder with 180 horsepower, but there are also available 3.6L V6 engines with 271 horsepower.

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Despite being a popular choice for drivers, there are some Jeep Compass problems we need to mention as well as the best model years.

Most Common Jeep Compass Problems

Jeep Compass Transmission Problems

The Jeep Compass is a vehicle that has been known to have overheating issues. This risk presents itself in the form of an issue with its CVT or continuously variable transmission system. 

In 2011, it was reported by many owners that this type of problem would start at around 70-80k and escalate from there up to $1,500-$2K for repair costs if not taken care of as soon as possible following diagnosis. 

Jeep Compass problems
2019 Jeep Compass Limited 2.4L | wikimedia

These are expensive repairs but they’re essential when you consider what might happen while driving. If your ability to accelerate fails because the car’s systems overheat on the road then any hope for driver safety could be lost too!

Jeep Compass Electrical Problems

The Compass has a history of electrical problems. This is due to the vehicle’s design, which includes an engine that sits under the front seats and a battery in the back. 

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

These two factors make it difficult for heat to escape from the engine bay and reach other parts of the car, making them prone to freezing during colder weather.

 When this happens, you may experience issues with your power windows or locks not working properly.

The 2018 Jeep Compass has been a headache for owners who want to use the backup camera as assistance. The resolution is so off, it’s difficult to see what’s behind you while trying to back up using this tool!

Jeep Compass Engine Problems

Among Jeep Compass problems are engine problems which can be caused by several different issues, including carbon buildup and faulty spark plugs.

The most common cause of Jeep Compass engine problems is the accumulation of carbon deposits on the piston rings or cylinder walls. 

When these deposits accumulate, they restrict airflow to the cylinders and reduce compression in the combustion chamber.

This leads to decreased fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and an overall loss in power.

For some drivers, one of the worst things about their new car might be that it won’t work when they’re driving.

A lot of people had this problem with a 2018 model and have experienced frustration because not only did the compass stop working but so does everything else like music or maps, which can put you off your game while on those long road trips.

The Compass shutting down while you’re driving has also been an issue that some drivers had experienced , especially if they were listening to Spotify all day in anticipation of getting out into nature again once back from vacation! 

This was one of the most prevalent complaints with last year’s models and didn’t just affect driver experience; it interrupted other settings too such as navigation apps and even playlists.

Leak Issues

Leaks are among other Jeep Compass problems that can be caused by a variety of things, including faulty seals and gaskets. A leaking oil pan is one of the more common causes of leaks in the engine compartment. 

Other causes include cracked or broken hoses, loose connections, and worn-out parts such as belts. Leaking coolant from your radiator could also indicate a problem with your water pump.

This was one of the least expensive problems afflicting Jeep Compass drivers, but it can still be rather frustrating for some.

How long does Jeep Compass last?

Jeep’s newest production car, the Compass is only seven years old. The average miles driven for a Jeep compass was 192 thousand.

 That means that if you drive your new vehicle at an average speed of 27 mph and don’t stop to refuel or break down, you’ll be able to go cross-country without having any problems with it.

Jeep Compass Reliability Scores

Over the past few years, J.D Power has been rating every new model of Jeep’s Compass for reliability and quality. The latest generations have shown improvement over earlier ones- with scores going up to 72 in 2017 from 69 at first launch!

The 2020 Compass is a car that has 2.5/5 stars in terms of reliability from J.D. Power and Associates, the organization which ranks cars with 5 being best or most reliable while 1 being worst or least reliable out of five possible ratings per category such as performance, features & design, comfortability (i.e., seating), visibility.

Furthermore, it was ranked at number 8 by U.S News for overall rankings on its list where 3 is considered average and below-average scores are given one to four points less than those ranking above them according to their respective categories listed before.

In regards to reliability, consumer reports have always found faults with how well Compasses were manufactured until recently when they released their 2018 model year which received an abysmal rating on customer satisfaction surveys scoring only 1/5 stars for overall quality design execution , a very unimpressive performance considering this is not just any old vehicle but rather an SUV meant to represent America’s iconic brand while being priced at over $27k.

The 2018 Compass has been receiving a lot of criticism as it is on Consumer Reports’ list for the worst vehicles to buy.

The problems that customers have faced with this vehicle are transmission and body integrity, which both received low scores from CR.

The 2018 Compass had the lowest reliability rating among SUVs in its segment, earning Consumer Reports’s worst score of 11%.

But it seems that this number is only a prediction and might change once these new models drive around more.

Jeep Compass Maintenance Cost

On average, customers can expect to spend around $535 for servicing or maintaining the Jeep Compass in 5 years. However, this is a reasonable cost if you purchase your vehicle with a warranty of up to five years as most models have these days.

Jeep Compass problems
2019 Jeep Compass Limited |wikimedia

 That being said though, it’s worth noting that Jeep Compasses are more high-maintenance vehicles than other cars and so prospective buyers should save some extra money when possible just in case they need repairs down the line!

Jeep compass Crash Tests

The 2020 Jeep Compass has high ratings for crash tests and is a dependable vehicle when it comes to accidents.

Older versions may have had an average performance in crashes but newer models are performing well overall with good scores across the board.

The Jeep Compass has been a fairly reliable car since its introduction in the earliest model years until now.

The results of crash tests have often placed it ahead of other vehicles, with reliability at worst being average and generally good overall. While not always as safe as one would hope for, the Jeep Compass is still better than many others on the road when considering safety ratings.

Which Jeep Compass Model Is Best To Buy?

The Jeep Compass is available in three models: Sport, Latitude, and Limited. All three models come with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that produces 172 horsepower and 175 lb.-ft of torque.

 The Sport model has the lowest starting price at $22,995.The Latitude starts at $24,495 (including destination), but it comes with more standard features than the Sport model. The Limited starts at $27,750 (including destination), but it includes all of the features found on both other models.

The Jeep Compass is a family-friendly SUV that offers plenty of performance and comfort. If you’re looking to buy one, then it’s important to know which years are best avoided.

The 2007 model was plagued with problems including electrical issues and suspension woes (which could be life-threatening if they go wrong at an inconvenient moment).

Fortunately, many newer models have proven much more reliable overall so look into 2019 or 2020 when shopping around!

The Jeep Compass is a great option for those looking to buy an SUV. The best model years are the 2013, 2019, and 2020 models.

But don’t forget that it always pays off, in the long run, to have your mechanic give it at least one thorough inspection before you make any decisions on what kind of vehicle would be right for you.

Is Jeep Compass A Reliable Car?

The Jeep Compass has been a notorious car for many years, but there is hope on the horizon. Consumer Reports recently published their reliability report of the Compass and it’s so good that they gave an average rating of 3 out 5 stars!

 For those who are thinking about buying this vehicle – you should check to see if your model came out in 2007 because that particular year was less reliable than others. 

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