Refrigerated Truck For Rental – Cost and Capacity

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Refrigerated Truck For Rental

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It is possible to buy new or resale trucks that are equipped with bodies that can transport perishable good materials at very cold temperatures. Unlike a normal truck, which uses a continuous refrigeration system, a refrigerated lorry has a unit which works continually to cool down the cargo.

Trucks that are just able to be sheltered to carry fruit are really only an insulating truck. Trucks equipped with a built-in refrigeration unit are classified as refrigerate vehicles or fridge/freezer vans.

The ice cream business was the target market for the first refrigerator trucks. Today, rental freezer trucks are used to deliver a variety of items, notably fresh fish and meat. The PENSKE refrigerated rental truck service, the RYDER ice rental truck, Budget trailer rental, Hertz, and U-HAUL companies are all well-known providers of refrigerated box truck rentals.

Additionally, there are vehicle roadside help services with trained technicians and handymen available across the United States to prevent the delay or destruction of chilled goods on a road journey. Numerous refrigerated box truck rental services are available outside of Canada, including those in Canada, Los Angeles, Illinois, Phoenix, Chicago, Arizona, San Diego, Dallas, Fort Wort, Boston, Denver, etc.

What Is The Price of Renting A Refrigerated Truck?

Prices for used refrigerated truck types range from $10,000 to $35,000. Because the truck has a refrigerator to keep goods colder than the outside temps, new ones cost more.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

A refrigerated truck is used to transport goods but also keep things cooled. If you really can’t rent a refrigerator truck, take a look at the costs of renting many types of trucks below.

Refrigerated cargo vans

A cooled cargo vehicle may be rented for around $150 per day. The cost of rent each week is about $650. Rental companies for refrigerated cargo vans often charge a rental fee, $0.2 per mile, plus the price of petrol. Refrigerated cargo vans are ideal for preserving the temperature of a limited quantity of goods during brief transportation.

Refrigerated 16 ft trucks

Renting 16 foot long refrigerated trucks costs about $160 a day. Weekly trucks cost about $680. Most rental companies have a 1.2 percent surcharge per hour, based on the amount of fuel used, and the number of miles traveled.

Refrigerated 20 ft trucks

It costs approximately $180 to rent a 20 ft refrigerated truck a day or $750 for a week. Trucks are rented at a rate that includes a base fee and other charges such as a per-mile charge, a charge to use a fuel meter and a cost to change the odometer.

These charges normally cause a cost to be added to your bill by an extra $100 per day if you rent a car within the city limits of your destination.

Refrigerated 26 ft trucks

Renting one of these long-haul trucks costs you only $200 per day and $850 per week. They allow you to transport products that have been stored in fridges or freezers for a long time over long distances.

Refrigerated tow trailers

The 12 ft long as well as the 16 ft long versions of chilled tow trailers are both readily accessible across the nation. It costs $90 to rent a trailer a day and $800 for a week. These units are designed to fit into parking stalls and have locking mechanisms so that you can secure them.

Refrigerated Truck For Rental

What Is the Price of Renting A Refrigerated Van?

It will cost you an average of $180 per day to rent a large van with a refrigerated interior, but rental costs are usually around $750 for a week. Some companies, whether you are renting a refrigerator van or any other vehicle, will add an extra amount for every mile traveled (about $0.04).

How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Refrigerated Truck In American Cities?

Rents in ten cities across the country range in price from $150 to $300 a day, which includes roadside assistance, tractor rental, and also insurance!

The cost varies depending on the type of vehicle you want to hire and the duration of the rental. Renting a 12 ft reefer van will cost about $200, while renting a 14 ft reefer van will cost about $250.

The typical cost to hire a larger refrigerated unit, such as a 16 ft reefer truck, approximately $300 per day. Weekly rental fees are often less expensive than daily rental fees and include a number of benefits.

Many reputable businesses provide excellent customer service at costs that are quite competitive. For instance, many individuals believe that the rental rates for both Penske and Ryder are fairly competitive. The prices for renting a refrigerated trailer and truck from Hertz are very reasonable.

What Is the Daily Rate For Renting A Truck From Home Depot?

You must pay the base charge of $29 for your first 75 minutes in order to hire a standard Home Depot box truck.

You must pay $5 for each additional 15 minutes. The business will take the necessary amount out of your deposit which is a $150 deposit. The truck has a volume capacity of 515 cubic feet and a maximum load capability of 3,850 pounds.

Is Budget More Affordable Than U-Haul?

This is true in some cases. The majority of people are unaware, meanwhile, that U-Haul frequently charges less per mile on average than Budget does

This certainly indicates that U-Haul is typically less expensive than Budget. But in certain places, it’s not the case.

Is Penske More Affordable Than Budget?

No, that isn’t true. Penske does not offer a better price tag compared to Budget. Penske is more costly especially if you are renting a longer truck, because their vehicle is more powerful.

Penske does have no extra fees for one-way moves, unlike some other truck rental firms. Penske has a more exclusive look, but it is more valuable than Budget.

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