Ryder Cargo Van Unlimited Mileage

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Ryder is one of the biggest businesses that provides rental vehicles and leases vehicles from all over the world. Ryder has about 800 locations all over the world where you can get a variety of services like truck leasing or van rentals.

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Ryder provides vehicles that people need to move around, like trucks, semi-trucks, sprinter vans, and cargo vans. Ryder cargo van rentals are very popular in the U.S. and are available for people who are moving to a new home, to a new studio apartment or just to move a few things.

If you are wondering if there is a way to rent a cargo van from Ryder that allows you to drive unlimited miles, the answer is no. They charge a flat rate per mile for their cargo van rentals. This article will help you find out whether or not Ryder offers unlimited miles on its cargo van rentals, which are about 14 feet long.

Can You Get Unlimited Mileage on a Ryder Cargo Van

Most cargo van rental companies charge you according to how many miles you drive.  But there are a few companies that offer cargo van rental with unlimited mileage. This means that you can drive as far as you want, but not incur any fees for doing that.

The bad news is that Ryder doesn’t offer the option to drive unlimited miles on its vans. Unlimited mileage means that you can drive your cargo van for as long as you want, without any extra cost. But Ryder doesn’t offer this option. Ryder only offers you mileage restrictions for its cargo van rentals. Consequently, you will have to pay for every mile that you drive over the mileage limit in the contract. If you desire unlimited mileage, don’t go to Ryder to rent a van.

How Unlimited Mileage Can Help Your Cargo Van Rental

Moving long distances to a new city means renting a van that offers favorable deals on one-way rentals, because returning the van would be wasteful. Leasing vehicles with unlimited miles will allow you to get more mileage out of them. You can find many deals like this on used vans.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

So while there are vans that are cheap to rent with unlimited mileage, they are quite few and far in between. They are also expensive since you will probably have to pay more for the vehicle but still end up with no real money. Sometimes you will have to pay almost as much as the market value for the van!

Ryder Cargo Van Unlimited Mileage

What’s the Cost of Renting a Ryder Cargo Van?

Ryder offers very affordable van rental prices. Ryder charges anywhere from $0.02 to $0.08 per mile for their cargo van rentals.

Ryder charges about $35 per day to rent a cargo van, and the cost for each mile traveled is usually added to that fee. If you are wanting to rent a vehicle with unlimited mileage, Ryder is not the right choice. Instead, try companies like Pensky, who do offer unlimited miles for their cargo van rentals.

All in all, Ryder moving trucks are fairly affordable compared to other similar moving companies. Ryder rents out vans for $35 a day, boxes for $39 a day, and straight trucks for $89.95 a day, though prices can vary depending on where you live.  Remember that these prices are for a flat rate, and do not include things like gas or taxes. There are several extra features you can purchase that will help protect you from any damages that might occur, and these include insurance for physical damage and other liabilities.

What to Know About Renting Cargo Vans from Ryder

The specific features that each company has in their offerings vary based on which locations you rent from and which locations they don’t have in their offerings. So before you decide to rent a moving truck from Ryder, be sure to know these three things.

Ryder charges you per day for renting a moving truck. Moving trucks are rented for one day, but you’ll have to pay for the whole day even if you only need the truck for a few hours. You’ll be charged an extra 24 hours if you return the rental truck late. If you know that you’ll need the truck for a long time, ask about the weekly rental option.

Furthermore, there is no one-way rental option available at Ryder. If you want to pick up a truck from one location and drop it off at another, you’re going to be billed per day for the entire rental period. Ryder offers only round-trip rentals, so you’ll need to drop the truck off at the exact same place where you picked up the rental truck. This isn’t a huge deal if you’re moving across a city or state, but it can be troublesome should you be moving  to a different state or city and can’t afford to go back and forth.

Finally, adding more drivers to your rental may cost you more. If you plan to share the driving duties with another person, that’s okay. Ryder allows you to have more than one driver, but some locations charge you more for having more than one driver. If you plan to have more than one driver, be sure to check the driving policies at the location you plan to use. Also, ask your agent for more information.

How to Rent a Cargo Van with Ryder

You can easily make a Ryder rental truck reservation online. You won’t need to provide a credit card to make the reservation, and you won’t have to pay it if you pick it up. Visit Ryder’s online booking site and enter the details of your new location and moving date to see if a Ryder moving truck is available. When you book your truck online, you’ll get an email with your estimated rental price and when you pick it up. Once you choose the type of truck you want to rent, you’ll receive an email with the estimated price.

It’s also quite simple to cancel your order should you need to, which is one of the perks of renting a moving truck from Ryder. You don’t have to provide a credit card or deposit to reserve your truck, but they allow you to cancel the reservation at any time. Ryder charges you only when you pick up your rental truck, so you don’t need to use your credit card or make a deposit to secure your reservation. You don’t have to worry about being stranded with any money if you cancel your reservation. Ryder lets you cancel your reservation any time up until the day you start your move.

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