Sprinter Van Rental – Cost as Camper and VIPs

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Here we are going to know about the benefits associated with hiring a sprinter van for group events, weddings and special occasions. You will feel like an absolute VIP. Many cities / states in the USA, like the District of Columbia, Virginia and Los Angeles, CA, boast of having cheap accommodation.

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Benefits of Renting a Sprinter Van as Camper and VIP

VIP cars, executive vehicles, cargo vans, and RVs such as the RV Camper Conversion transit are frequently tailored to fit the needs of the VIP customers and guests.

Unique van, which is very affordable and can easily be personalized to suit your needs. Very famous in all the great American airports like Ronald Reagan Airport and Palm Beach International Airport.

Here are some benefits of a luxury sprinter van:

Great For Group Parties

If traveling to a party is important to you, it is important to have a reliable and powerful van rental. Sprinter vans are powered by a highly efficient turbo-diesel which means that it is easier to drive than other brands.

It’s maneuverable, almost as if you were driving a small car, but it’s bigger and heavier than that, and has great interior amenities like hygienic bathrooms.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

Sprinter Van Rental

Incredible Handling

The Sprinter van has a high-roofed, long body and heavy weight, but it is also extremely flexible and maneuverable. Easily accelerated, decelerated and cornered by vehicles that have an auto-driving system that helps drivers to do such things.

Traveling Like VIP

Sprinter rentals are absolutely incredible if your friends and family are planning to spend a big party or special occasion in a van – with amenities that are as good as a high-end limousine.

This vehicle comes with front airbags and safety features, and also comes with remote start and brake assist. Comes equipped with safety features like power windows, power mirrors, and power doors. Built with comfortable seats, this is the perfect vehicle for groups of 12 to 15 or even to transport entire families.

Great Interior

It has oodles of space, and can easily be transformed into an RV or camper. Luxury sprinter vans are very sturdy and very comfortable, judging by the fact that they are so big compared to other vans.

The vehicles are powered by extremely strong and reliable engines that will allow them to drive for a long time without a single breakdown.


The sprinter van is very fuel efficient for a van. At an average speed of 55 mph, it is capable of driving for an amazing 30 miles on one tank of gas. When you are planning to travel a long distance, you may want to choose a vehicle that is very economical in terms of fuel.


How Much Is It to Rent a Sprinter Van?

It varies depending on what kind of car you rent and what price you pay. If you are leasing a sprinter van that is newer, it will cost more to rent it. Sprinter vans manufactured in the future will be more costly to lease compared to vans manufactured in 2020.

Even the cost of a new sprinter can affect the lease price. The more expensive a Sprinter is, the more expensive its monthly lease cost will be. Prices of Sprinters will determine how much it costs to lease them.

Sprinter vans are relatively cheap to rent; they cost around $200 to $320 per day. The average weekly rent in major cities is about $1500 – $2000. For a newer sprinter van, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $650 to $900 to lease.

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