Smallest 5th Wheel Toy Hauler – Specs and Cost

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There are many haulers available with a lot of different features and capabilities. And, since it has become increasingly common for toy haulers to have a shorter wheelbase, here we have compiled a list of the best 5th wheel trailers for toy hauling.

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KZ Sportster 280TH

The KZ Sportster 260TH is space-loving Although this isn’t exactly the tiniest trailer, it’s very large and comfortable.

The sleeper has a queen bed, rolled-up mattresses, and an electric bed that can be set to provide a total of 60′′. Storage space at the front of the vehicle allows you to store more things.

It has a recliner chair and a moving table that allows you to sit comfortably and enjoy your meals while you relax. You may also take your lunch outside under a 14′ awning that turns into a lovely table.

Dune Sport

The Dune sport toy hauler is perfectly built and is great value. It is also super lightweight and practical. It is like having a cave on wheels.

It’s also one that is quite low-profile, making it possible to save gas by keeping the engine cool. It includes a large electric awning with a full-size canopy and an automatic leveling system that allows you to easily adjust the level of the trailer.

Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

A very impressive feature of the Dune Sport is the fact that you can easily modify the look of the trailer. Some doors come with doors that open up the whole trailer, so you can enter the cabinets from the inside or the outdoors.

Walls can be hung vertically or horizontally, and you won’t be told to pay extra for doing this.

Heartland Fuel 322

The Heartland Fuel is large and will accommodate many types of bikes, ATVs or even two-by-two vehicles. Fuel offers many floor plans for their Travel Trailers and 5ft Toy Haulers, but the 322 is their shortest of the bunch! There’s a 17-foot garage inside this tiny house! It measures 34 square feet!

The inside of the trailer is heated by blowing hot air through small windows, and there are safety glass windows in the windows. It’s lovely how easily you could walk on the rooftop, and the speakers are ideal for entertaining guests on a warm summer day.

Smallest 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 369 AMP

This is mainly a luxury model that carries luxury items. It is one of the best. If your dream camper is as elegant and comfortable as a home, this is the model for you. There is also a variety of floor plans, but the 369 is the smallest. Forest River’s customer service is excellent.

A shaker-like interior design and well-placed tie-down points on the deck of the big truck ensure that the crew will be comfortable and safe.Air conditioning and heating are ducts that distribute heat evenly from the trailer to the room.

This ensures that the trailer will stay comfortable at all times. The floors are rubber-covered, making them tough and easy to clean. And the high-profile faucet in the kitchen and the brushed nickel hardware are also good features.

Keystone Montana High Country 381TH

This high-end Montana 381t, fifth wheel tow vehicle is loaded with high-tech and luxury features.

The large trailer is spacious and provides accommodating accommodation. It also has a fireplace and a large HD LED-TV. There are various seating choices for all sorts of people.

The RV has a kitchen that has a hutch and 3 cooktop-burners. The refrigerator in the living room is a large refrigerator. It has an ice maker in it and holds 18 cu. ft. French doors that open to the patio and let you in.

This garage features a bed that you can lift for additional space. During the summer, this garage can accommodate three additional vehicles (see pictures). You should have enough room for your bike or golf cart to park.

Grand Design Momentum 376TH

The unique thing about Grand Design Momentum 376 is that it has a garage, a TV and a large TV screen, and its vacuum system operates from the inside out.

For cooling your RV, you can install four-season Weather-Tek insulation. It has its own private bathroom and a separate entrance for accessing the electric fuel pump. There’s also a comfortable sofa bed with a headboard and two separate tables that you can rotate.

It has a full-size fridge and microwave in the hood. Other safety features that make this garage floor extremely durable include a garage door that’s locked while you’re not using it, and a garage door that’s locked and secured by a 2,500 lb. Flush-mount tie down that holds everything securely while you drive.


Some people think that a toy hauler is just like a big house; however, since it is large, it can be difficult to keep track of all the things that are happening inside.

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