U-Haul Rent Loading Ramps

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U-Haul is a rental company that offers a variety of truck and trailer rentals. They typically rent trucks and trailers that can be loaded using a loading ramp.

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If you are renting a truck or trailer from U-Haul, it is important to be aware of the loading ramp that is available to use.

What Is a Loading Ramp?

Generally, people use a loading ramp to help lift and unload the contents of a large truck or trailer. They are typically made out of metal or concrete, and can be raised or lowered to the appropriate height. Loading ramps are also often equipped with brakes, so they can be stopped if necessary.

There are two different types of loading ramps. The one that is portable and transports, to load and unload heavy items. The second type of ramp is fixed to a truck and allows the driver to load and unload items from the truck.

U-Haul Loading Ramp

U-Haul trucks are equipped with special ramps that allow you to easily load and unload your trailers, called the E-Z Load ramps. It allows trucks to load and unload items into their bed space quickly.

It ensures that items are loaded and unloaded easily, safely, and without any damage. But take note that most U-Haul cargo trucks do not have loading ramps.

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U-Haul Trucks with Loading ramps

Every U-Haul truck with size 15-foot and up comes with E-Z loading ramps. Smaller trucks are not provided by that.


The 15-foot size truck has a cargo space of 764 square feet which can contain a small home or a two-bedroom flat. With this size, trucks can hold up to three people with curved loading ramps that are 2 feet and 2 inches wide.


This truck has ample room for 3 passengers, and has a ramp that is 2 feet and 2 inches wide for easy access. It has 865 square feet of space, making it ideal for relocating larger-sized flats and two-bedroom houses.

U-Haul Rent Loading Ramps


Featuring 1,016 square feet for cargo, the 20-foot truck is also equipped with a ramp that is 2 feet and 2 inches wide. With this truck, you will be able to relocate 2 to 3-bedroom houses.


This large truck is one of the biggest trucks that U-Haul has, and it can hold up to 1,684 square feet of cargo. Its loading ramp is also the longest with 2 feet and 7 inches wide. It can load 3 to 4-bedroom houses inside.

How Does U-Haul Rent Loading Ramps?

U-Haul rental loading ramps from its locations all over the United States. The loading ramp is attached to the truck, so you can’t rent it separately.

There is no requirement to have a perfect driving record to rent a U-Haul loading ramps truck. But they do have certain minimum requirements.

The meaningful assurance that is provided by U-Haul is basically to verify renter’s identity. Accepting other certain documents that may be used as evidence of your identity is as easy as signing a telephone bill or a lease agreement or checking your employment status.

How Is the Price?

Since loading ramps are rented only when you rent the truck, the fee to rent a loading ramp is also included in the cost of renting a truck. So, when you pay for a truck to load the trailer, you are also responsible for a ramp charge.

For local moves (50 miles), the rent price will be between $70 to $90 for a day. And for long-distance moves (1,000 miles), the price will be two times as much for a day (not counting insurance, taxes, and fees).

U-Haul owns a lot of trucks across a lot of locations; therefore, the prices are low, and they rarely increase or decrease. But beware that the costs of moving with U-Haul don’t even factor in things like food, lodging, and gas.

When moving locally, it’s not terribly expensive, but when moving across a long distance, the cost can really add up.

What Is the Opening Time for U-Haul?

U-Haul is the nation’s most widely-available trucking company, with over 20,000 sites in the United States alone. Opening time may vary based on if you’re going into the company store or an independently owned store.

Stores owned by the company typically open every day from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., but ask around and check with independent dealers to find out what hours they work.

So, regardless of if you’re a student at college or if you’re a busy parent, a U-Haul rental can make your move more convenient.

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