Best 6 Websites For Cheap Car Rentals

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If you plan a trip, it’s easy to find the best hotel and airfare bargains. But don’t forget other expenses you could meet! Daily fees might add up quickly – especially if you’re not planning ahead of time. If you want the cheapest car rental pricing, it’s best to find and shop around.

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However, there are so many comparable places that it is difficult to see where to look. We’re here to make it a bit easier for you . Here is our list of best websites for cheap car rentals to discover the best deals.

What Are The Best Websites For Cheap Car Rentals?


websites for cheap car rentals
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RentalCars is our pick for best websites for cheap car rentals. It is a popular online website for numerous rental businesses to compare pricing. Each option for your car rental has a customer rating that pertains not to the general brand but to a particular office. This is highly important because franchisees might lead to uneven business-to-business services. 

In the search results, the inclusions of an offer are visible, so you may browse the results without the need to click. The most expensive rates ($236.36) were offered by Rentalcars by all travel brokers, however this was considerably cheaper than reserving with Thrifty directly ($449.65).


Orbitz can, unlike, arrange flights, holidays, activities and rental cars. You can not only reserve all your travel necessities, but also earn points via the Orbitz Rewards programme. 

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

 websites for cheap car rentals
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Unfortunately, when you hire your car separately there will be no Orbucks for you, but you will receive 3 percent of your total spend if you book it in your holiday group. You can exchange the Orbucks you earn against free nights in your hotel. 

For basic rentals in Fox, Orbitz listed a weekly pricing of $219. This is the same rate when you book directly with the rental agency, therefore you can buy straight unless you collect Orbucks.


Kayak is a website that combines offers with online travel agents and rental businesses. Kayak was at the same rate as the $199 Fox prepaid rate, the cheapest rental rate from an airport rental provider. 

websites for cheap car rentals
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Kayak normally refers visitors to the right page to finish the reservation as a metasearch site. Sometimes exceptional deals on the Website of kayak, which used to be the case for this particular offer, are to be booked with the option of paying a greater fee upon arrival for advance payments. There is no kayak program, so there is no real reason to book via the site until you discover a cheaper bargain.


Expedia shows the same rate as Orbitz ($219), since both websites belong to Expedia Group and pull from the same price database. Expedia allows you to book your entire trip in one location, including flights, cruises, hotels and car rentals and has a Customer Service team to support your requests. 

 websites for cheap car rentals
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While Expedia Rewards is not the most rewarding rewards programme, you may earn points on all travel features, including self-contained rental cars. Standard members gain 1 every $5 on flights and 2 per $1 for anything else. Elite members benefit from additional points and in addition to Expedia rewards, you can still earn your usual frequent flyer advantages.


Hotwire is another Expedia Group website, although you are likely to find a price change. If you don’t care what agency you book with, try out the Hotwire Hot Rate Deals, which are opaque offers that the rental agency does not divulge until the booking is complete. You are not fully in the dark, as numerous agencies are provided to which the offer may apply. 

websites for cheap car rentals
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Hotwire offered a $229 Hot Rate deal which was nearly $30 cheaper than reserving directly with the rental agencies. Hotwire offers several pricing levels on the basis of agency ratings for hot rate deals.

Holiday Autos

 websites for cheap car rentals

Holidays Autos  can assist you organize car rental in a variety of locations worldwide. Holiday Autos ticks most boxes with a reasonable customer score of 73 percent and a few decent sun ratings across the categories. It even got five out of five stars for reliability in its cancellation policy.

The customers stated that the booking and hire process of the company was “easy” and “straightforward” – excellent for hassle-free hires. A benefit is that it includes ratings on each automaker’s website to help measure people’s prices versus service quality. Customers told us that their prices were also very competitive, especially when compared to bookings directly by a provider.

Final Thoughts 

Finding online websites for cheap car rentals is not an easy process though worthwhile.You will find a variety of perks through loyalty programmes if you are constantly impressed by the service of one agency and the prices are not the deciding factor as we might say.

If you are seeking for the best deal, attempt to search a site like rentalcars or Holiday Autos which gives hundreds of deals that may be filtered as per your specification. It’s always worth contacting the rental company to check if they’re going to match an offer that you have discovered elsewhere as well as if the insurance coverage is included in their offers.

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