U-Haul Tow Bar – Specs and Cost

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Tow bars are large steel metal bars that are used for dragging a trailer. They are a thick steel bar that you attach to the vehicle to be tow-able. One end of the low bar is for easy attachment to the towing hitch of the pulling vehicle.

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Some tow-bars are designed to attach to vehicles to be towable; others are designed to attach easily to tow vehicles. There are various types and sizes of tow-bars available in the market. Some tow-bars are designed to attach to vehicles that need towing while others are designed to attach to towing vehicles.

U-Haul Tow bars are designed to mount to the back of a vehicle that needs to be towed and then act as a quick coupler to secure it. It can be attached to any vehicle to be towed, and it has a sturdy, quality coupler that attaches to a two-inch ball hitch.

U-Haul Tow Bar

U-Haul sells a tow-bar that is adjustable. It has an A-shape and the price is very affordable. It also comes equipped with all the necessary hardware and instructions for installing it.

You should be able to either attach the bar to your vehicle by bending the arms or taking it into an auto shop, so they can be mounted for you. Its bars are fully retractable, so they can be used with any vehicle. The bar may look small but is very strong and can handle up to 5,000 lbs.

Two bars feature a tough coupler that will withstand the abuse that would result from a damaged trailer hitch. Those who want U-Haul tow-bars to support their trailers can now buy good quality bars from the company.

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If you want to hire a tow-bar from U-Haul, it is not possible because U-Haul only sells the one that you want to hire.

U-Haul Tow Bar

Is It Possible to Tow 10000 lbs with a U-Haul Tow Bar?

Not really. U-Haul vehicles can only tow 5,000 pounds. U-Haul trucks are capable of towing vehicles and trailers that weigh more than 5,000 pounds.

If you need to tow something that weighs 10,000 pounds, get a bigger truck. To be able to haul 10000 pounds, it will require a truck that can move the load.

Can I Install My Own Tow Bar?

You probably will. You can install a tow-bar yourself if you are a very skilled mechanic or a very good auto guy. If it is not your car, do not even attempt to attach a tow-bar to your car. It will damage your car and cause you to have major problems.

You could ruin your vehicle and damage the towing bar, or get a tow-bar that is only partially fixed to your vehicle and therefore will not be able to properly support the weight of a trailer.

The Cost of U-Haul Tow-Bars

Some towing bars cost more to buy than others. Some tow-bars are more expensive to buy than others; U-Hauls tow-bars cost less than $100.

For just $100 you can buy a U-Haul tow-bar with a capacity of 5,000 pounds. You will need to buy more to pull your trailer. If your vehicle has a larger capacity, you will have to pay for a higher quality tow-bar.


U-Haul tow-bars are strong steel bars that can be attached to any trailer or car to allow it to be towed easily with a tow truck. It comes with a strong tow-bar that you can use on any vehicle. It is easy to use.

You get this tow-bar at U-Haul. You can also buy a tow-bar at most of the major discount retailers, like Autozone, Walmart, and Harbor Freight.

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