15 Foot U-Haul Height

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People often think about how many items will fit into a moving truck when they think about how high the truck is.

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U-Haul offers a variety of different truck sizes and different types of heights to suit your needs.  The U-Haul 15-foot truck is high enough to be able to transport all the belongings in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment.  This article will look at the 15-foot U-Haul truck and how it relates to its height.

What is the Height of a 15 Foot UHaul Truck?

These dimensions will give you an idea of how high the truck is and how high the interior is. It also helps you decide the size of the truck you want to rent. A truck that is 15 feet tall has a very high interior, which helps you decide what can fit inside.

This 15′ truck from U-Haul has a total length of 22′ 6′′ and an interior height of 7′ 2′′. It is safe to say that the 15-foot U-Haul truck is 9 feet and 11 inches high. This medium size has interior dimensions that are 15′ x 7′ 8′′ x 7′ 2′′. Its height is 7′ and 2′′. Interior height of this truck is 7 feet and 2 inches tall. U-Haul offers different sizes of trucks that you can use when you are doing an apartment move.

The height that a 15-foot U-Haul truck can travel is 12 feet. Even though it is easy to drive this truck, you need to be sure that the bed of the car is at least 12-feet high.

Always anticipate the vehicles that are moving ahead of you, and make sure that there is a gap of about three seconds between your car and your rental truck. The 12-foot clearance over drive-through restaurants and motel doors is the most common standard, so just in case your truck happens to be a bit higher than that, make sure to watch out for this clearance.

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The Importance of Getting the Right Height of Your UHaul Truck

It is essential to know how high a U-Haul moving truck is, because it will help you to know what items will fit in the truck. That is why you should compare the sizes of the moving boxes that you want to use to transport your belongings with the dimensions of the truck that you will need for the job.  It is important to be familiar with the height of any moving truck you plan to rent to avoid any problems with height issues.

It is possible to have different clearance heights for different moving trucks depending on the type of moving truck you rent and the size of the truck you choose.

Clearance height is a consideration when crossing bridges and overpasses and when traveling through tunnels where there are height restrictions on vehicles passing through. You should know the clearance heights for the roads you are planning to travel. When you look for a truck rental company in your area, check the clearance height of the trucks that are being rented.

15 Foot U-Haul Height

What is the 15 Foot UHaul Truck Best For?

The 15 Foot-sized UHaul truck usually serves more or less the same usages as trucks sized anywhere between 15 foot to 17 foot. These trucks are great for those who already have a one-bedroom but need to transport furniture from time to time to complete their apartments or small homes.

You may find that prices for long-haul trucks will overlap if you compare prices on trucks that are similar in length. This will give you as much space as possible, guaranteeing you get the best bang your buck. If you have space, you don’t have to take multiple trips. It is also possible to not over-pack your truck, which can put your fragile items in more danger than necessary.

Alternatives to Renting a 15 Foot Truck from UHaul?

Moving a house or business is a huge investment, so minimizing costs wherever possible can help you feel less stressed. If you drive your own truck for moving, you can save a lot of cash money, and rental companies often have a wide range of vehicles that you can rent based on the size and other options you want to have.

But UHaul isn’t your only hope. In fact, there are lots of companies out there that can provide 15 Foot truck rentals, even giving you far better deals! We’ll compare some of the top moving truck rental companies so that you can figure out which one fits your needs.


Penske Truck Rental allows you to do all the packing, loading and unloading on your own. Providing moving trucks of multiple sizes and at affordable rates. It offers a variety of discounts and guarantees your reservations. It offers a variety of moving services and supports green initiatives. It also makes it easy to return the rental car by offering you the option to drop it off at one of its many locations or at any Home Depot store. The company is eco-friendly and offers a variety of discounts, making it a great and green option.


Budget Truck Rental lives up to its name and is a well known company that offers reasonable rates and is able to rent trucks at a very affordable price. Discounts are available, and one-way rental costs are relatively low. It doesn’t offer many sizes of trucks because there are only three available, but its nationwide availability and affordable pricing make it an excellent rental.

Home Depot

Home Depot Truck Rental offers customers flexible rates that are affordable and there are no hidden fees. Home Depot Truck Rental does not require customers to make reservations for local rentals and offers only three types of trucks for local moves. The company does not take reservations, but the pricing flexibility and availability of the trucks are what makes it worthwhile. Home Depot Truck Rental is ideal for those who want to rent a truck quickly and conveniently, while still being able to pay an affordable rent.

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