Volvo XC60 Sirius Radio Not Working – How To Fix

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Volvo is a famous brand which makes cars and vans. The brand is well known for its performance and quality. Though it was first founded in 1927, Volvo has become a world-renowned company.

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Volvo’s reputation is based on quality and dependability. In addition to being known for its good quality, Volvo is also known for having unique and innovative designs in each of its models. It uses advanced technology in designing its cars.


Volvo XC60 is one of the most popular Volvo cars in the world. It has great looks and a very comfortable interior. The car comes with many interesting features like the Volvo touch screen entertainment system, various connectivity systems, proximity sensors, and many more. This vehicle also comes with many other amazing features which makes it a best car in the market.


Live Mechanic Help 24/7
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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

The Volvo XC60 comes with Sirius radio system which is an amazing feature in this vehicle. It helps you to listen to music while driving the vehicle on the road. The radio works well when it is connected to an FM radio or a digital radio tuner that works via satellite and there are also some models that work as USB players as well.

What is SiriusXM?

SiriusXM was founded by Martine Rothblatt, David Margolese, and Robert Briskman back in 2002 under the name XM Satellite Radio Inc. They started off by offering subscribers music channels via satellite broadcasting on all of their channels at different times of day, so it would be convenient for listeners who had access to a satellite dish.


The SiriusXM Radio tuner is installed into the dashboard of your Volvo XC60 car. It will help you to listen to any music or radio station from around the world via satellite. Connected to a vehicle, SiriusXM works by connecting the antenna of the radio to a satellite dish. SiriusXM also has a great app for smartphones and tablets, as well as other smart devices that can be used to listen to music.


The radio tuner can also be used to listen to online audio content, such as podcasts and Internet radio stations, that are not offered through SiriusXM’s national network but are available via subscriptions from third-party providers (such as iTunes). In addition, you can download individual tracks from these services onto a USB flash drive and listen to them using the tuner in your Volvo XC60.

Possible Issues With a Satellite Radio

Since the satellite radio system is a great feature in your Volvo XC60, it can be a problem if it does not work properly. There are some issues that can occur and you need to be aware of them so that you can fix them easily.


1) You have faulty wiring

A possible reason why your Volvo XC60 Sirius radio does not work is because of faulty wiring.


It is possible that there is a break, a weak point, or a loose connection in the wiring that connects the SiriusXM antenna to the tuner. It is possible that the same issues may arise with the wiring between your tuner and your stereo. Because of this, they may affect the sound quality of the radio and cause it to be cut out many times.


You need to check the wiring for any damage or problems. While the radio is playing, systematically inspect all of the wires that are running between the SiriusXm antenna and the tuner, as well as between the tuner and the stereo.


So, if you get a check-tuner message, make sure that the SXV300 tuner connection is plugged securely into the head unit. Make sure that you wiggle the connectors and flex the wires near the connectors. Listen to any sound disruption that you may hear. If you find any damage, you need to fix it so that the system can work properly.


2) There are things obstructing your satellite

A problem that can occur with your Volvo XC60 Sirius radio is the fact that there are things that may be obstructing the satellite signal.


There are other devices in your vehicle, such as trees, buildings, or even weather conditions that may affect the quality of the signal. Because of this, it is possible that you will not be able to receive a good quality of service.


Unfortunately, if this is the source of your SiriusXM issues, there is not much that you can do in that situation other than to move your car elsewhere. Once you leave a tunnel or an area that has a lot of obstruction between your car and the sky, your SiriusXm radio will receive a signal.


3) Your tuner is faulty

If your Volvo XC60 Sirius radio does not work properly, it is possible that the tuner itself is faulty.


Your tuner connects to the head unit via a wire and needs to be connected securely. When you install your Volvo XC60 Sirius radio, make sure that you do not have any damage or break in the wiring.


You also need to check if there are any cracks or splits in the wire near the connector that plugs into your head unit. It is possible that there are some loose connections in the wiring which can affect your car’s performance and prevent it from working properly.


4) There’s interference to your FM adapter

Your Volvo XC60 Sirius radio may not work properly because of interference.


This is what happens when there are other electronic devices in your vehicle that can cause interference to the signal of your Volvo XC60 Sirius radio. These devices can be anything from things like a cell phone, wireless routers, or wireless garage door openers.


Whatever is the culprit, any of these devices could emit an electromagnetic field that can affect the frequency of the signal from your tuner.


The only way to fix this problem is to try and toggle your SiriusXM settings so that the frequency of the adapter is precise. If nothing changes, then it is possible that there is a problem with your tuner itself.

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