What Is 10 Foot U-Haul MPG and What does it Cost to Fill it?

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What Is 10 Foot U-Haul MPG and What does it Cost to Fill it?

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It is essential to understand the miles per gallon (MPG) of any car you choose to drive, particularly if it is being rented for a long-distance relocation.

The U-Haul 10 ft moving truck has a 31-gallon unleaded gasoline tank and gets 12 MPG of driving. If the gas in a U-Haul 10 ft truck is full, that gives a driver a driving distance of 372 miles.

When you find out the MPG on your U-Hawk 10 ft rental truck, you can start planning your move and figure out when you will have to refill gas. It lets you know when you will be able to buy fuel at a gas station.

Most importantly, the mileage of your rental offers you a ballpark figure for your gasoline expenses while you’re moving. The typical gas mileage of a 10 ft U-Haul truck will be properly explained in this article, along with comparisons to other U-Haul trucks.

Why Does MPG Matter to Renters?

MPG (Mileage Per Gallon) is one of the most important factors renters should think about when renting a movers truck. The miles per gallon information tells you how a rental vehicle will cost you for gasoline.

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Connect with a verified mechanic in minutes. No appointments. No high fees. No waiting. Get back on the road and enjoy the ride.

Trucks that are rented out get a lot more gas than normal vehicles. Also, expect that you will spend more money buying gas when you are driving a particular type of car.

But the question is, how much is too much? It will all be dependent on how much it costs to purchase gasoline in the United States.

In some states, gasoline is cheaper by going to certain states that have higher gas prices, such as Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Consequently, prior to renting a U-Haul, it is important to know how much it costs to gas up the truck, and where to buy gas at the lowest price.

When you do a cost estimator it will be easy to figure out how much you should be spending on your move and how many times you might have to get a new container to fill it.

Now that we have all of the above in our heads, let’s explore the various truck rentals that you can rent on U-Haul, and try to find out how many miles per gallon they are able to get. Please note though that the numbers that we provide are just estimates. They are based on ideal driving conditions.

What Is the Price of Filling Up A 10 Foot U-Haul Truck?

Cost to fill a U-Haul 10 ft truck with fuel is around $100, with an empty tank. U-Haul trucks can go 12 MPG on a gallon of gas, and they carry 31 gallons of fuel in their tanks.

What Fuel Type Does A 10 FT U-Haul Truck Use?

Instead of diesel, the 10 ft moving truck from U-Haul runs on unleaded fuel. In a 10-ft U-Haul truck, a full tank of unleaded gasoline enables you to go 372 miles (31 gallons multiplied by 12 MPG) under typical driving circumstances.

What Is 10 Foot U-Haul MPG and What does it Cost to Fill it?

How Big Is the U-Haul 10 FT Gas Tank?

The projected gas mileage for the 10 ft U-Haul moving truck is 12 miles per gallon. The fuel tank of a 10-foot truck holds 31 gallons of fuel. Therefore, under typical circumstances, this 10 ft truck will provide you with 372 miles of travel on a full tank.

Various U-Haul Trucks and Their Estimated MPG

10-Foot Truck

A 10-ft U-Haul truck will travel 12 MPG on a gallon of gas, and it will have a tank that holds 31 gallons of fuel.

Students use this large moving truck for a move to a new dormitory. It is also great for a move into a smaller apartment.

10 foot U-Haul trucks can hold up to 2800 lbs of heavy furniture. It is possible to fit a few beds and mattresses and smaller boxes inside of this truck, depending on the size of the truck and the size of the U-Haul fleet.

8-Foot Pickup Truck

8 ft U-Haul pickup trucks with a fuel capacity of 34 gallons can get 19 MPG at average speeds.If what needs to be moved is only a few items, then this U-Haul 8 ft pickup truck is the ideal vehicle for moving around campus.

You may see this truck being rented by college students to help them move into smaller rooms or move into their apartments. Truck that can transport up to 2 000 pounds. It is very easy to move around with a single bed or a couple of boxes inside a box truck.

Cargo Van

The cargo vans are a little bigger than the 8-ft van and get 20 miles per gallon of gas. It is possible for a U-Haul cargo van to hold 26 gallons of gas, and move a 4,000-pound load. Typically, you will need a van that is at least 8 feet long to haul a heavy load. A big one-passenger van will accommodate a queen-sized mattress.

But we also strongly advise that you rent this vehicle if your moving needs to accommodate something heavier and more space-efficient. This is a go-to rental truck for a small apartment and a simple relocation is this one. 

15-Foot Truck

U-Haul 15-feet trucks get around 10 MPG, which is able to hold 40 gallons of fuel on a full tank. U-Haul 15-foot trucks are larger than the company’s standard 10-foot trucks, and can carry more than 6,000 lbs of weight. Trucks that are big enough to carry furniture to one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments can easily haul furniture.

17-Foot Truck

The U-Haul 17-foot has a range of approximately 10 MPG and holds 40 gallons of gasoline. It can transport 6,000 lbs, so it fits perfectly into a two-bedroom or a three-bedroom move. It is larger and has a lot of cargo room compared to a normal 15-foot truck.

20-Foot Truck

A 20-foot truck from U-Haul gets an average of 10 MPG of petrol and has a 40-gallon fuel tank. The truck is necessary for a professional transfer from a two- or three-bedroom apartment. This truck’s three seats can accommodate three persons comfortably and are perfect for long-distance moves.

26-Foot Truck

The 26-ft long U-Haul truck is bigger than the other big trucks on U-Haul. It gets about 10 MPG on an ordinary day, and its fuel tank holds 57 gallons.

This 26-ft moving truck will do a great job of moving your home from one state to another. A four-room apartment can fit comfortably inside this truck. The carrying weight of a semi-trailer is approximately 7,500 pounds.

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