Flatbed Truck Rental – Capabilities, Dimensions and Cost

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 11/15/22 •  6 min read

Truck rental is an essential part of any business. With the right equipment, you can transport goods quickly and easily.

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There are a variety of trucks to rent, such as flatbed trucks. You can use that for transporting large items. You can find a truck rental company near you to get started.

What Is A Flatbed Truck?

A flatbed truck is a type of truck that is designed to carry and transport large or bulky loads easily. These trucks do not have any sides or roofs, so they are perfect for loads that are too high or wide for an ordinary truck to haul.

The loads that go in a flatbed truck need to be secured for safety. You can find flatbed trucks in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Where to Rent a Flatbed Truck?

You can find a flatbed truck rental company near you to get started. Here are some of the companies you may want to consider:


Penske is one of the leading truck rental companies in the United States. They offer a wide range of trucks, from small delivery vans to large flatbed trucks. There are two types of flatbed truck you can rent from Penske, 24 to 26 ft. flatbed truck CDL and non-CDL.

However, every Panske flatbed trucks are equipped with:

24 to 26 Penske Flatbed Truck Non-CDL

This truck allows you to transport a variety of goods, and they can haul up to 18,000 lbs. Penske flatbed trucks feature cargo straps that will secure your cargo and a forklift loading package that can lift up to 3,000 lbs.


Flatbed Truck Rental

24 to 26 Penske Flatbed Truck Non-CDL

This truck allows you to transport a variety of goods, and they can haul up to 10,000 lbs. Penske flatbed trucks are equipped with cargo straps that will secure your cargo and a forklift loading package that can lift up to 3,000 lbs.


Please take note that these specifications above are a guide for Penske’s most common fleet of leased vehicles. They are only indicative and may be subject to change based on the model and year of the vehicle.

Specifications may be different depending on model, make and year of vehicle. MPG will fluctuate a lot depending on the load you place on it, the terrain and the conditions you drive in.


The cost depends on the distance you are going to go and what or how many items you are going to load. The bigger the vehicle and how far it can go, the more expensive it will be.

Here’s something you should look out for:

If you need an immediate quote, please go to Penske’s website and provide the details of your needs.

Home Depot

Home Depot is where you go to rent boxes and other storage supplies, but Home Depot also has Flatbed Trucks that you can rent. There are two types they offer to you, F250 Flatbed Truck and T250 Flatbed Truck.

F250 Flatbed Truck

The F250 is a sturdy and reliable platform that makes haulage of heavy items easy. It has a cargo capacity of 77 square feet, and it can hold up to 3,000 pounds. This truck features a back-up alarm and a 35-gal oz fuel tank.

T250 Flatbed Truck

If your cargo needs to be huge, the T250 flatbed truck is a fantastic choice. It has a wide truck that can hold up to 200 cubic feet of cargo. This truck has 3,000 lbs of payload and can hold 25 gallons of fuel. It is perfect for towing.


Renting a truck from Home Depot is straightforward, and the cost is clear. They come with mileage that is inimitable. F-250 and T-250 flatbed truck costs:

PTR (Premier Truck Rental)

PTR offers a variety of high-quality rental trucks that provide you with a huge amount of power and towing capacity, reducing downtime and damages. All flatbed trucks from this company are equipped with a headache rack, stake pockets and a diamond plate bed.

PTR can customize the truck just the way you want it to be. Just tell them what you want and leave the rest to them.

F250 Flatbed Truck

This medium-duty flatbed truck has the payload or towing capacity of any tougher trucks. With incredibly spacious beds, you are able to store all types of things. You can transport building materials or even move big equipment around.


F350 Flatbed Truck

When you rent a one-ton flatbed truck, you never have to worry about transporting items that are heavy. It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you have or how big it is, you can move it anywhere.

Plus, when you rent equipment, you will need to use stakes and/or a gate to allow you to lock it in place.


F550 Flatbed Truck

These flatbeds are perfect for working on pipelines, projects that require a lot of concrete, and for working with contractors who need to work on electric lines. These flatbeds are great for large hauls of equipment that will need to be hauled across difficult terrain.


There are still more flatbeds PTR has to offer to you. Do check on their website for more of them.


Cost-wise, you should contact them directly for a price quote on their website.


If you need to transport goods quickly and easily, a flatbed truck rental is the perfect solution. Do check the company’s websites for more information like availability and pricing before making a decision.

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